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September 2006

Random Life Stuff

Here is a poor photo of my new beloved lamp! It’s THE HOTTNESS. It’s so deliciously weird. I really can’t take my eyes off of it! And to commemorate the big day, I took photos of us at breakfast; we… Continue Reading →


BEFORE!AFTER! I’m doing a revamp of my antique vanity. It belonged to my great-grandmother and it’s in desperately in need of cleaning and a fresh shellac. So, I used brasso on the door pulls and it’s like amazing! What a… Continue Reading →

Pictures of our Place

Here are a few pictures of our place. Dale took the cool huge living room ones! I love our little patio! It looks out over a retirement home and they have a little sitting area with a small water feature… Continue Reading →

What’s up with Dale?

He got a new coffeemaker and is in hot pursuit of the perfect cuppajoe! He’s making two or three pots a day with a strange alchemy involving a variety of coffee types, a new grind for each style of coffee… Continue Reading →

Laboring on Labor Day…

We’ve been enjoying the holiday weekend by shopping! How uniquely American of us! First we headed to the stores: Dale’s favorite store in Chicago! He had to get a little treat to celebrate his first paycheck.I pretended to approve. Next… Continue Reading →

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