Sidney, Bela & The Shadow

Bela had a hard time adjusting to little Monty! Monty is not so little anymore–check out that tail!–but Bela has come ’round! Anyway, wherever Bela is his shadow–little Monty–is not far behind! Above, you can see Monty laying in front of Bela.

I walked into the bedroom and there little Monty was–laying right next to Bela, his chin laying on Big Brother’s belly! Awww! Please note my sweet new quilt!

Sidney is generally too busy sleeping in his basket to be bothered with cuddling with Monty and Bela! However, Sid loves to cuddle with his humans! He’s very aggressive about it! Once when Monty was a baby he crawled into Sid’s basket and fell asleep. A little while later I heard Monty crying. Sidney had completely cleaned him and then promptly fell asleep on him. Poor little Monty was soaking wet and couldn’t get out from under Sidney!

And we’re officially HUGE lame-o’s for talking about our kitties this much!

My Friend Cindy is a Mary Kay lady!

Rebecca had a Mary Kay party with her cousin Cindy as the host. I’ve known Cindy for years and she’s a great gal and a fab MK lady! 🙂

If you’d like some Mary Kay product–I believe she offers FREE SHIPPING–you can check out her website here:

She’s not a hard sell kind of person. I may be having a web-based MK party so if you’re interested let me know!

Anyway, here’s some snaps from the party:

This is Cindy!

Cindy’s baby Isabella & Rebecca post-make-over!

Some of the pretty girly supplies.

Post make-over, wearing my super cute hat.

Frank’s Our Neighbor!

Located just three blocks from our apartment is the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio. We feel pretty lucky to be located in such an architecturally significant area and we love Frank Lloyd Wright’s stuff. His home and studio are above.

On the same block sits several of the architect’s early works. The one above is located right next door to this one:

It’s our favorite! She’s a beauty!

This is located at the end of Frank’s block–and happens to be the closest one to our apartment.

This one is up for sale right now! For a mere $5 million it can be all yours!

Located in downtown Oak Park, this is Unity Temple, Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal favorite. It was his church and he was very pleased with the final product. It’s a behemoth!

Last Weekend’s Company!

Meghan came to visit from Detroit last weekend! She was in town and on the phone! Hee. She’s all crazy for her new fella and he’s so crazy for her he came and got her so she wouldn’t have to take the train. Pretty crazy all the way around.

We went to the Museum of Contemporary Art (it was a bust) and hung out downtown for a spell. We showed her around Oak Park–which I’ll be showing you soon–and had a nice visit. We want to plan something a bit more elaborate for her next visit. We want to take in a show or something fun.

We’ve been pretty boring lately!

Dale had a photoshoot!

We had a photoshoot in Dale’s studio this week! Anne L. served as the art director while Dale manned the lens! I provided the snacks, as needed, as well as some organizational efforts. The book–which you will certainly be hearing more about–is still in the production process! We can’t wait to share it with you! Posted by Picasa