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December 2006

We’ve got the plague…

Pardon our lack of updates. We’re recovering from the Black Death and currently boiling our sheets and burning our bed-clothes. We will return to regular updates once the quarantine is lifted. Hope your holidays have been merry!

Christmas Decorations & Holiday Fun

These are some poor snapshots; they just don’t look as cute as they should! At any rate, I’d thought I’d share some holiday cheer: After a long day at work I came home to this lovely display in our hallway!… Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Edinburgh Castle

Visited by over one million people a year, Edinburgh Castle sits atop Edinburgh, at the top of the “Royal Mile” and offers a glimpse into the history of the country as well spectacular views of the city. At the entrace… Continue Reading →

Crazy Cute Cat Pictures!

I’m going to continue to tell myself I post pictures of my cats because my mom loves to see them! Really? I should probably just give it up and have some kids. Sidney has been taking over my pillow nearly… Continue Reading →

First Snow in Oak Park

We had our first snow last week and–bonus–it was a big one! So big that Rebecca got the day off work for a snow day. That never happened in Michigan! Neat. Since we were snowed in, we went for a… Continue Reading →

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