Amusing/Embarrasing Moment of the Week!

I’m a book editor. And while doing some research for work, I stumbled upon a book I edited last summer sitting on the shelf at Borders.
What made this one unusual?
I was thanked in the acknowledgments.
Of course, I was very grateful to be thanked and giddy to see my (maiden) name in print!

The book would be one I was almost too embarrased to show off! Haa! So, if you’re browsing the stacks at Borders and spot the above book (and are not embarrassed to pick it up off the shelf), look for my name in the acknowledgements! Ha!

Another Quiet Weekend

Dale rearranged the living room. And that’s about it…
We’re starting to bore the cats.
We’re totally doing something fun next weekend or else!

Actually, we’re thinking of going to see Body Worlds 2 at the Museum of Science and Industry next weekend. So we’ll be sure to wake the cats for that…

A New Kitchen Gadget!

This is our stove. One of my goals for this year is to become a better cook and to cook at home and not just “reheat” or “thaw”!

So, we bought a reversible double grill/gridle, which is sure to change our lives! We grilled chicken tonight after letting the chicken sit in a DELICIOUS marinade I found on Kalyn’s Kitchen Blog. She highlights South Beach Diet-friendly recipes and everything I’ve tried to far has been great!

I also purchased a small metal collander for steaming veggies. I steamed some Trader Joe’s frozen organic asparagus and tossed some pepper, olive oil and lemon juice on it. Tasty! Dale had corn from a can.

Our stovetop, being fully utilized!

A Trip Downtown

We’ve had a very quiet month, minus a handful of outings. We went downtown so Dale could get his printer replaced while its under warranty. While driving around, I spied a couple of fellows in front of this building:
Sadly, I did not get the best picture. But look closely:

I spotted two gentleman in floor length fur coats and pimp-esque hats walking a very happy dog. I l ove the city.

It’s All About the Shoes–and Dale!

We are VERY excited to announce that we just got a look at the first books in the warehouse for “It’s All About the Shoes” by Yvonne L. Williams with photos by…wait for it… Dale Murray! Click on the photo above to pre-order your copy! Or go to your local book seller and ask them to order your copy today! Yay!!!

It’s an adorable book, very girly, and highly “giftable” as they say in publishing. It’s a bunch of stories about women and their shoes, with brightly colored backgrounds and fun photos of shoes scattered throughout. A great gift for a girl who loves her shoes or just because you want to buy enough copies that they have to pay Dale again for his photography! Ha! Kidding. Mostly.