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April 2007

Museum of Science & Industry Part 3

The Museum of Science & Insdustry has a massive model train set-up that shows how important rail is to the region and how it connects Chicago to the rest of the country. From the balcony, near the Boeing 727 exhibit,… Continue Reading →

Museum of Science & Industry Part 2

In the Toy Making factory, you can watch a toy–called the Gravitron–as it makes its way from assembly to packaging. You can also have yours customized (we picked the name Monty but don’t tell the other cats). The museum of… Continue Reading →

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Part One

We had a pretty fabulous day at the museum today! So fabulous that I’m going to break it up into pieces because I love the pics so much! First off, I think Body Worlds was really amazing. It was a… Continue Reading →


I realized today when I transferred my camera card to my computer that I never posted our Easter picks. We’re not the most religious folks but it sure was nice to spend the holiday with our friends Lara & Tony… Continue Reading →

Body Worlds 2

We’re going to see Body Worlds 2 tomorrow morning and I’m a bit nervous. I’ve heard that it’s really fascinating but I’m a bit squeamish. Not that I can’t handle seeing displays of human anatomy but this isn’t just a… Continue Reading →

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