Dale in Milwaukee

Dale took a quick overnight trip a few weeks back to Milwaukee to visit his friend Gary.

Milwaukee is just over an hour away from Chicago! While visiting, they went to the Milwaukee Botanical Gardens. The above photo is Dale’s favorite from the trip.

This is Gary and his girlfriend Jessica.

They had some neat cactus plants.

More cactus plants. Neat.


This is crazy blurry but a couple of weeks ago, I was on my way home and got diverted because of a car on fire around the block from my house. The car was on fire, pouring out smoke, and the firemen had the entire street blocked off. Freaky! Just thought I’d share a picture I snapped from my parking structure!

Night Time Movie Shoot in the City

A couple of weeks ago, when we heard that Brangelina Jolie-Pitt was in town and that Angelina herself was filming at night all over Chicago, we decided to go downtown and get dinner and just peak around the “set”–which was actually most of the city! Look at those big lights! Dale was excited about the big lights.

It’s a boom camera car. It’s painted matte black so the movie lights do not reflect off it and into the scene! Neat!

Huge-normous light brightens the night sky for the movie shoot.

Another huge light brightens up the opposite end of the street.

We didn’t see Angelina but we did appreciate a nice mid-week night out and a sushi dinner!

Dale is Shooting Weddings!

Dale’s gotten a couple of gigs as a second shooter on some fancy weddings.

Even though we don’t know these folks we thought you might be curious to see some of what Dale’s been up to. Look how lovely this mansion venue was!

Very sweet candid.

Inside the tent reception!

The Bride & Groom!

A quiet moment…

100 Posts in a Year!

This is our 100th post–and it just so happens that we started this blog just over a year ago!

It’s been a big year–and we’re very happy we moved to Chicago. There’s been so ups and downs but mostly we’re just so grateful to live near such a beautiful and friendly city and to have all the amenities–a strong economy, a wide variety of inexpensive activities just outside our door, and many new friends–that Chicago has to offer.

For example, Dale took a little walk after work a few weeks back and found a free Symphony Concert in the park! Just another day in the city.

Dale wants us to go next summer and enjoy one of the free symphony performances and perhaps pack a dinner to go. I’m looking forward to it.

Another lovely shot of our adopted city.

They look like odd pine cones. Hee!