We’ve been bitten by the nesting bug pretty seriously this year. We’ve purchased furniture and home products like a couple of Martha Stewarts! And now we’re painting our apartment. Well, Dale is painting (he really didn’t give me much “brush time”) and I’m taking pictures and trying to look busy.

The dining room will be three colors: white trim and ceiling, a color called “straw” for three walls and then a color called “sunflower” for the fourth wall. We like bold statements. We’ll see how it goes. This is the first wall. It’s straw with white trim.
Dale “cutting in” the second wall. Successful!

Getting around the radiator will be tricky but we’ll just have to use a brush instead of a roller. Anyway, I love the color. It’s very warm but also bright and happy.

Buying Used

One of the challenges of a vintage furniture fixation is the cleaning. Our dining room set came to us in lovely condition, overall, but was a bit dusty. We wiped everything down but the chairs were still a bit dingy. Not horrible but not as nice as they could be. Ahoy, Armor All! Cleans up vinyl much more impressively than Windex does, let me tell you!

Using Armor All wipes and a plastic glove to protect my delicate fingers, I wiped diligently and revealed the shiny white vinyl underneath.

New Furniture Pt. 3–Dining Set

So, we love craigslist. And when we saw this midcentury modern/vintage dining room set for a great deal less than we ever thought we’d find it, we freaked out and ran to get it. Thanks so much to Rebecca & Pat for helping us get the set home!

Anyway, the set includes a solid wood table with three leaves to make it nice and long, eight chairs (cane backing with white vinyl seats), and the original pad (and pads for the leaves) to protect the table during special dinners. Wow! All in excellent shape!

I like the grain of the wood, very much!

This is what six of the chairs look like…

And this is what the end chairs look like.

New Furniture Pt. 2–Mini Bar!

We are huge fans of craigslist! We look for jobs, freebies, and furniture. And we’ve pretty much hit the jackpot on furniture. Dale found this lovely cabinet in Elgin (a nearby suburb). We headed out to the lady’s house and–wow–what a great midcentury modern house it was! This works great for us for storage. I keep dining table goodies at the bottom.

The top is why we bought the thing in the first place. LOOK AT THIS! The top pops up, the front hinge releases to show up a vintage mini bar! The original glassware is included. Six rocks glasses, six highball glasses, and six shot glasses! I LOVE it. There are two cubbyholes in the back corners where you can stow away traditionally shaped liquor bottles. WOW!

We got it for an absurdly low price and we love it! (note: Minky is on the right side in the gold box. It’s a can opener that has red beads for eyes and a “mink” coat! I got him at an antique shop about a decade ago. I LOVE HIM.)

New Furniture Pt. 1–Headboard!

I’ve had a couple requests to see the headboard all done and in action! Here it is.
The bedroom is not exactly where I want it to be yet but can you see it? Can you feel the decadence? That spread’s our thin summer throw that basically protects the nicer blanket underneath from all the cat hair. So that’s not really part of the look I’m going for.

It’s starting to look like it could be part of the set from Moulin Rouge. That’s what I’m telling myself.

As a refresher, check out the gallery to see how it looked when we found it behind our apartment.