Christmas Pictures…

We saw a great many friends & family members over the holiday. This is just a handful of those we shared our long weekend with.

Jim & Paula Paulus. Thanks for the brunch on Christmas Eve.
At my Uncle Randy & Aunt Diane’s we met up with a bunch of family from Rebecca’s dad’s side. This is cousin Randy and his girlfriend Aleesha.
We spent some quality time at Barb’s house, particularly on Christmas Evening.
And this was probably the only time Lauren & Ian were both sitting down for any spell during the big Christmas present unwrapping portion of the evening!Thanks to everyone for your hospitality, particularly Dale’s mom for making us big breakfasts and putting us up for the entirety of our stay!

Merry Christmas

Just a quick note to all our friends & family: Merry Christmas!

We loved seeing everyone–pictures to come soon!

Rebecca & Dale

Hanging with Tara & Jacey…

We spent a little time with our neighbors, Tara & Jacey this weekend.
We saw carolers in downtown Oak Park.

We went into the city and saw the most adorable puppet show! Right on the street in front of Macy’s!

Tara & Jacey on the escalator–I’m trailing behind.

At Daley Plaza, we saw the eternal flame for soldiers–which serves as a warming station for the poor little pigeons in the winter. They huddle near the flame to keep warm.

This is Jacey with me & Tara in tow. Jacey is carrying her buddy, Joe. And backup Joe, just in case.

Christmas Cards…

It seems I sent some Christmas cards without actually signing them! *dies of embarrassment*

If you got such a card, it should have read, “Love & Friendship, Rebecca & Dale”.

So, yeah. Sorry about that.

Generally speaking you shouldn’t start your Christmas cards right after finishing a round of “Thank you for your sympathy” cards. It makes you flaky, I guess.

Dale’s brother Wayne & family visit!

Wayne & Lisa and their kids, Lauren & Ian came to visit last weekend! The kids were fond of our very friendly and indulgent kitties. Witness the Sidney pass-off! Here is being held by Ian.

And by Lauren!

During the weekend, we spent some time on Michigan Ave. and stopped in at the Lego store. The kids with Lego Santa.

They enjoyed the wacky display at the Hancock Building (as did I).

We spent Saturday at Shedd Aquarium & Oceanarium. We caught the dolphin show in front of Lake Michigan. Neat!

We wore the kids right out!

I was very excited about this freaky fish. I made Dale take a picture.