Star Wars & Museum of Science & Industry

Dale and I decided to get a one-year membership to the Museum of Science & Industry. You may recall we went once last year and had a blast! However, the museum is huge so we didn’t see everything. It’s also rather pricey if you opt to enjoy the special exhibits. So we got a family membership–come visit, we’ll get you in!

Anyway, we went a couple of weeks ago for the first time with our membership and had a great day. We enjoyed the special Star Wars exhibit. You can check out the entire Star Wars gallery by clicking here.

We have photos of tons of Star Wars props and costumes–check it out!

There are also some shots of the real Aurora 7 Space Capsule.

I’m sure we’ll be boring you with more photos of that place all year long! But it’s such a great place.

New Sushi House!

A big event for us in Oak Park. Our favorite suburban sushi chain has moved into Oak Park. Sushi House is always tasty! It just so happens to be located at the end of our block!

They don’t have an official sign up yet but we were amused by the temporary sign…

The dining area is lovely–bamboo and neutral tones with splashes of red and orange.

We’ve already been twice–we love the sushi rolls!

January in the City

Dale took a few black and white shots of riding the el in Chicago in winter. I really like them!
Snow on the tracks.

Quiet mid-afternoon on the train.

I think this one is my favorite.

More Christmas Photos…

Dale finally gave me the pictures he took at Christmas. More family pics below…

I took this one–Dale and his Grandma Murray on Christmas Eve.

Grandma Murray helping Ian with his new keyboard.

Ian unwrapping an exciting present.

On Christmas morning we went to Wayne & Lisa’s to play with kids. Lauren kicked my butt while playing Operation!

For dinner we went to my Uncle Randy & Aunt Diane’s. Here’s a picture of my cousin Randy with his boys, Jack & Colton.
Jack & Colton playing with my Aunt Diane’s mom in the background.

Our last stop was to stop in and see Melissa & Matthew, our niece and nephew from Dale’s stepbrother, Tim.

Melissa and her very pretty long-haired kitty!

This is Bruno, Dale’s mom’s dog. He’s a beauty! And was very affectionate and excited to have company.

Dale’s mom asked for a new Better Homes & Gardens cookbook for Christmas. She said her old one was “worn out”–she was NOT joking!