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February 2008

Dale’s Winter Photo Essay Final Part!

Ever wonder how they clean the windows on a 35-story building? Let’s just say not much has changed in the past 50 or so years; a plank of wood (otherwise known as a Bosun’s chair) with a few straps, some… Continue Reading →

Dale’s Winter Photo Essay Part 2

Recently we had some snow and on 2/13/08 we had crystal clear blue skies. This is what my morning commute looks like. The shots below are from my office windows on the 28th floor. The sky was so clear is… Continue Reading →

Dale’s Winter Photo Essay Part 1

Maybe I am a bit sadistic but I really enjoy a good snow in the city and today did not disappoint as you will witness below. Of course my joy is not supported by those around me who have to… Continue Reading →

Repurposed Speaker Cabinet!

Dale’s dad found a new purpose for Dale’s old speaker cabinet! We have one that’s currently being used as a plant stand but this takes it to another level! He calls it his “Urei Cat House” and the email he… Continue Reading →

Dale’s Speaker Project

A post from Dale: I have had the below set of speakers for about 16 years and though these 20+ year old speakers are not exactly attractive, I absolutely love the sound and it would cost an absurd amount of… Continue Reading →

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