Sidney is Under the Weather…

I got some complaints for not giving Sidney equal blog time recently and so I took this picture. He loves to sit in the sink so we try to remember to close the bathroom door before he can sneak in there! Anyway, he loves to lounge in the bathroom (he seems to think its his own private spa) but the past week he’s been spending all his time sleeping and sniffling!

He’s always had a temperamental gastrointestinal system but it’s gotten worse in recent weeks. We did some research and added a teaspoon of mashed pumpkin to his diet twice a day. That seems to have helped and he really loves the sweet bonus treat. However, he’s also come down with the sniffles a couple of days ago. He still has a strong appetite and isn’t showing any other signs of illness so we’re just watching him closely and waiting for his little cold to pass. Send some happy thoughts his way! He’s really such a sweet kitty. He loves people and loves attention and his only bad behavior involves eating anything he can put into his mouth! He only wants to sleep and snuggle, poor little guy!

Happy Easter, Peeps!

Happy Easter! We spent the afternoon at Lara & Tony’s–and would you believe I forgot my camera? Lara said she’d email me a few pics. At any rate, this was a present from Dale–a whole bushel of tiny chicks! He really gets me, that Dale!

Hope you all had a lovely day, too!

Kitchen Makeover

Last weekend, we decided to do a little nesting! And we started at the greatest/cheapest organizational supplier we know of–IKEA! Which means meatballs. Ikea has this cheap-o lunch counter that serves oddly tasty swedish food! Note the meatballs and the ‘lingonberry’ soda! It cracks me up to eat there.

Okay, we wanted to get a pot rack to move our pots and pans off our baker’s rack so we could take Dale’s 50 coffee making devices and put them on the baker’s rack so we could actually use our prep counter for, um prep.

Also, we have almost zero natural light in our kitchen–and our light fixture was dingy and small. So we picked up this new light fixture for $17. Seriously, Ikea is insane!

Our baker’s rack is now festooned with Dale’s many coffee devices–and our pots and pans are hanging!

Yay! A clean prep counter with hanging pots (have I mentioned how cheap Ikea is? It was like $20 for the pot rack)!
We also reconsidered where we put things and I feel like I have 10 times as much as space as I did a week ago. I cleaned out a catch-all drawer and now use it as a spice drawer! And I rearranged a few other things and now the top of the fridge is empty of cereal boxes! It’s like we have a whole new kitchen! Yay!

The new lighting fixture and the cleaned-up kitchen in full effect! We also got a new sink drainer–you can barely see it here but our wood one was falling apart.

Dale’s DIY Sandbags

Yet another thing I forgot to blog about!

Dale LOVES a project. And as winter dragged on in January, Dale decided to make his own sand bags. He didn’t want to pay the $25$35 each (click on prices to see the styles he modeled his after) at the camera store for a bag of sand–he just couldn’t justify the price. He made a total of 10 and he said they cost him about $6.50 each to make, using the same materials as the commercial equivalents!

He borrowed a bag from our friend Pat and then reverse-engineered the bags to make his own. He’s even had photographers on message boards offer to buy the bags (empty, of course)!

The bags started out as a simple piece of fabric, of course.
He had to add handles…
And without sand, it’s just an empty bag. He put the sand in plastic bags to reduce leakage.
Finally! A bag with sand in it. Each bag has 15 pounds of sand–perfect to create leverage for his light stands!

Here’s a link to his photo gallery
, showing step-by-step how he did it. And here’s a link to a PDF Dale created to give to other photographers with a do-it-yourself nature!
And here’s a picture of two of them in action–against our still bare orange wall!

Dale’s new lens…

Dale got a new “tilt-shift” camera lens. He’s been wanting one for more than a year and he found a great deal on ebay so he grabbed it up. The lenses are known for sharp focus–that allows the shooter to create fake miniature photos! Which is my favorite kind of thing.

Here is a construction site from Dale’s building! Look! It’s a miniature construction site! But it’s REAL! Hee. I’m easy. You can click on the photo to make it super big. It’s sweet.

This also looks much tinier than it really is. And it’s also in pretty sharp focus. Neat-o!