Museum of Science and Industry: The Glass Experience

Dale and I went to one of our favorite places–the Museum of Science & Industry–for the The Glass Experience. Check out the chandeliers.
The first section of the exhibit involved examples of glass and it’s innumerable applications. This is a paperweight that looks like a snowglobe. I LOVE it, especially the little lady standing in the snow.
Eeek! Glass eyeballs!
Rolling Rock glass bottle form.
There was also an art glass exhibit featuring the work of the famous glass blowing artist Dale Chihuly.
There was a sea of huge Chihuly decorative bowls.
There were also artisans on hand working on real stained-glass projects.
Restoring stained glass is a good deal like putting together a glass jigsaw puzzle.
Antique stained glass lamp.
A huge decorative glass piece balances precariously on a tiny stem.
And finally there was a real live glass blowing exhibit. Pretty neat!Dale was also nice enough to take a ton of photos of the Fairy Castle–but there are so many and I love that miniature house so much that I think that’s a separate post!

Granda Cutcher’s 90th Birthday!

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Michigan to go to Dale’s maternal grandmother’s 90th birthday party! It was a huge success–everybody was there! Dale took some photos to commemorate the occasion.

Dale’s grandmothers! Grandma Cutcher and Grandma Murray (his mom’s mom and his dad’s mom). It was sweet of Grandma Murray to come to the party; Dale was excited to have both his grannies in one place.

Grandma Cutcher’s brood: (top) Beverly, Donnie, Genevieve, Jackie, John, (bottom) Darlene, and Grandma Cutcher.

Grandma’s portrait for the local paper…

Lauren (our niece, for those that don’t know) and Grandma.

Grandma Cutcher and her sister.

To see all of the pictures that Dale took, check out our gallery by clicking here.

Rebecca’s View-Master Collection….

Finally! Whatever evil bug was keeping me from uploading pictures has eased off this evening. As a test post I offer you my view-master collection.

There are my viewers. I have 16 in total.

That’s right, I like the old view-masters! I love the older viewers and I especially love the older vacation reels from the 1940s and 1950s. Whenever I go to a new place I like to collect all the old view-master reels from that place. Dorky but fun!

These are my reels.

I have tons from my own childhood and many, many more that I’ve collected in the last few years. I especially love finding some in the back of an antique store I’ve never visited before. I LOVE that.

Weird Posting Problems…


I haven’t been able to add to the blog in like a week! So this is a test post. Our FTP site is not playing nice with blogger’s proxy.

Test photo…does not work. Boo. Hiss.

Yay! We’re in business. And Monty is in the business of snuggling.