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July 2008

3D Experiment!

When we went to the National Stereoscopic Association’s trade fair a couple of weeks back Dale picked up a couple of photography magazines that gave him pointers on how to create 3D images using his digital camera on a tripod… Continue Reading →

Dorky Post Ahead

Okay so this is dorky and self-indulgent but it’s my blog, right? Anyway, I got my wedding dress preserved (it’s no longer in that tub marked ‘wedding dress’) and that’s the package it came in. I figured since it will… Continue Reading →

National Stereoscopic Association trade fair

Last weekend Dale and I went to the National Stereoscopic Association’s trade show. A tiny collectibles fair filled with nothing but 3D nerds! I was excited to go because I love to collect antique view-master reels! Dale was a trooper…. Continue Reading →

Two Random Images

This is Sarah during her last visit. I was excited to have company so I pulled out the creamer cow and some of my vintage coffee cups. I was pretty excited to see the cow in action. And this is… Continue Reading →

Cloud Cover in Chicago

Dale promised his dad we’d post a picture of the odd cloud cover that sometimes comes in from the lake and hangs low over the city. This isn’t the best picture but it was the best I could do while… Continue Reading →

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