Vote (for Obama)!

Just a quick reminder to vote on Tuesday (or any day until then, depending on where you live)!

And not that he needs our help with an endorsement but we’re both voting for Barack Obama (in case you were still undecided and feel our vote would help swing yours)!

Summer Snapshots

So we had some photos leftover from this summer and I thought I’d post them before it’s winter. This is downtown Chicago.

One of the touristy boats on the river downtown.

A little bird sharing a bench with us near the Art Institute.

Our favorite little park next to the Art Institute.

I think this picture really takes me to how it feels to be in this little park.

The fairies of Northerly Island flank the path.

Closing in on one of the fairies.

The city skyline…

Our friend Chris came to Chicago and we met him for dinner–thanks for din, Chris! Hope you enjoyed your quick trip.

Modern sculpture near Millennium Park.

Wired’s NextFest

Recently, Dale and I attended Wired Magazine’s NextFest. It “is the premier showcase of the global innovations transforming our world.” So there!

Perhaps the highlight (at least for Dale) was “meeting” the Keepon, a small yellow robot designed to study social interaction but mostly famous for appearing in this ridiculously cute video (wherein his scientist/creator studies as Keepon interacts with the public):

Other highlights included this fancy new synthetic leg known as the c-leg system.

And these little personal vehicles from Toyota called the iSwing (why does everything start with a lower case “i” now?) I liked these! They were like Segways for the winter! It also brings us one step closer to the future envisioned in Wall-E!

This is the MARCbot, meant to be used in space and created by NASA.

Mower! This awesome little dude is a grass mower. He was hilarious, roaming about the loan chomping his grass.

Attempted Burglary!

Very creepy thing happened today and since I can’t stop thinking about it, figured I’d share…

Dale was taking some laundry out on our back porch when he found our neighbor and a police officer on the neighbor’s porch (it’s all connected). So he stopped and realized that our neighbor had been burglarized! Scary! And we also realized the screen to our bedroom window was pushed up…

Dale noticed that we had two strange marks on our door frame. It appears a dastardly burglar attempted to wedge a screwdriver into our lock to pop the door open! The burglar pushed the screwdriver (allegedly, heh) in the space between the door and the frame and gouged the weather seal, as well as the wood on both the door and the frame.

The small, blurry divots show where the thief attempted to pop the door open!

On the outside of the window was a big hand print! The burglar likely pushed up our bedroom screen and then tried to push the window itself up. The outside window is very dirty (oops). The officer attempted to get prints off the window but he said it was more likely that the thief lifted dirt off the window as opposed to left prints behind. I took this photo from inside the house with my flash on the camera to show the dirt/smudge marks. It WIGGED me out. Go away creepy thief!

Anyway, we’re VERY thankful the criminal did not make his way into our little home–and that I’m paranoid enough to keep windows locked (side effect of growing up in Flint, Michigan). Had the window been unlocked it would have been easy for the thief to get in–and our kitty cats to get outside! I’d be deeply upset if someone broke into our home but I would deranged if my baby kitties were roaming the streets due to some asshat that can’t make his own way in the world without trying to take our stuff! That said, we’re also very sad for our nice neighbor. The dirty thief broke the window out of his backdoor (we have a windowless back door) and made off with some money and his son’s X-Box. Boo! Hiss! I hate thieves!

To scrub that disturbing hand print image out of my head, I will close with this adorable picture of Monty snuggling on the sofa…safe and sound!

And don’t worry about us! Crime in our neighborhood is actually very, very low! All of the crime for the ENTIRE city in the month of September can be found on this map. And we didn’t have a single crime on our block last month. So while we are freaked out about this, we know it’s an unusual occurrence. We’re just going to be extra vigilant about locking doors and windows.

And Dale is considering high-tech safety options, of course.

Awesome Anniversary Weekend!

Last weekend Dale and I celebrated our sixth anniversary as old married people! We had a great weekend. We saw Ben Folds in concert on Friday night and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We slept in on Saturday and then went for a day trip to Michigan. We love road trips.

We stopped in South Haven and had ice cream.

The have a cute beach and nice little waterfront community.

Dale took a couple of photos, of course.

Then we headed a few miles up the road to Saugatuck–a very cute little town on the Kalamazoo River. We went for a walk along the boardwalk and stopped in a few shops.

We also went to the beach and enjoyed a little walk on the shore. Dale took some photos (below) and I took a photo of Dale taking photos…

Dale was enamored with this sweet vintage Mini Cooper.

He also enjoyed taking pictures of the partially deserted beach.

We wrapped up our day with dinner in Douglas (right next door to Saugatuck) at the Wild Dog Grille. It was an unusually mild October day and we sat on the little side patio that buts up against an adorable little shop.

After the sun set the restaurant set up this little fire pit to keep us all toasty.

At the aforementioned adorable little shop, I picked up a set of these candle holders. I love them!