Prop 8 Protest in Chicago

Last weekend, my friend Sarah came to visit for the day (the picture of us did not turn out!). While she was spending oodles at the American Girl store on gifts, a huge protest rally against Prop 8 turned into a march and took over the street.

Michigan Ave. was overwhelmed with protesters holding signs in favor of gay marriage and equality.

It probably goes without saying that Dale and I are big ol’ liberals that are in favor of gay marriage, right?

Gingerbread House!

Dale bought me a gingerbread house kit waaaay back in January because we’d seen one of those gingerbread house competitions on the Food Network. Fast forward 10+ months to a lazy Sunday in November. It’s time to get ready for the holidays, right? I pull out the kit. I put up the walls. Dale put on the roof. Then Dale did the piping and I added the candy…

We decorated the walls first and then the roof. The wreath above the door? Was a NIGHTMARE! But it looks pretty cool.

The final product! Dale did an awesome job on the roof piping and the “icicles” along the roof! I am proud of my work on the roofline and the front yard! Ha!

A Guinness World Records attempt in Oak Park!

Last Saturday Dale and I went to lunch in the midst of an attempt to break the Guinness World’s Record for the largest mass doggie wedding! It was a charity event for the Oak Park Animal Care League. We saw lots of adorable puppies and their nutty families.

This little dude was Dale’s favorite–he loved the hat! He loved the nose and the ears. He loved it all.

This gentleman was in line holding a friend’s dog. He told Dale that he’d always felt secure in his manhood–until he found himself holding somebody else’s tiny puppy so that the puppy could get married.

This little couple was in hot demand! They had their own customized stroller. It was quite chilly and lots of puppies were suffering from the cold and snuggling up to each other and to their owners. These two had it made!

Many others simply opted to dress for the weather…

As opposed to just dressing for the occasion as these two did.
This big guy wasn’t playing games–he had a hat and a scarf! Amusingly, his hat fell over one eye and he kept tipping his head to move the hat and it looked like he was nodding his head to everyone that walked by!

This little one–Mia!–was the star of the show. She was propped atop a heavily decorated shopping cart and even had her own theme music blasting. The nutty owner even wore heart-shaped, rose-tinted glasses. Amazing!

We didn’t stay for the whole thing but Dale had so much fun shooting the doggies that he’s put up a gallery. Click here to check out Dale’s complete gallery!

I think my favorite thing about this event–aside from my genuine love of absurdity–was how much the owners obviously loved their pets. My favorite moments–and photos in the gallery–show the humans looking at the dogs with love and pride. The folks that came out saw the humor in the situation but were also eager to show their pupper off as a great dog. Sadly, no records were broken but I’m guessing lots of dog bladders were tested!

More Obama Rally Madness

There were many street vendors selling shirts, buttons and other memorabilia and the streets were flooded with people sporting the stuff they bought. Overall, everybody seemed very excited and proud to be showing off their Obama loot.
I parked it for a spell to watch the CNN results as they came rolling in. Dale wandered about taking pictures as I muttered to myself and worried over Virginia and Ohio!

It was a truly culturally, racially mixed crowd–not to mention the age range. People of all races brought their children out with them.

These guys are all from Atlanta and they drove all the way up just to be in the area when Obama won. They didn’t even have tickets to the speech–they just wanted to be in the area and experience the event in person.

The sun set and the new BlueCross BlueShield building featured a big USA spelled out in office lights while the “Adventures in Babysitting” building (as I fondly call it) featured a “VOTE 2008” sign.

There was media from all over the world prowling Michigan Ave. and Grant Park. Dale was interviewed by Danish TV on Michigan Ave. near his building! He’s famous in Denmark! Dale’s coworker–who is French–was interviewed for a French-speaking Canadian radio station.

Obama Presidential Rally PARKING. We were excited about it.

And with any big event there are oddballs! This one was particularly odd. He was the ghost of Uncle Sam, maybe? Yeah, I don’t know, either. Dale says he was on roller skates. I was transfixed by his wings and his creepy boa that he wrapped around each person that took a photo with him.

Dale has scads of photos posted in an online gallery (way too many to post here). To see them clink here!

Non-Obama Interlude

I’ve kept Dale real busy the last few quiet weekends. We took a trip to Ikea and bought some random household stuff and I talked him into putting up shelves and doing some tedious home maintenance. Here he is putting up shelves!
Bedroom shelves up! (I just slapped this stuff up there–I’ll report when something exciting happens on those shelves)

Here he is giving our solid wood counter top a quick sanding before applying some mineral oil.

As you may recall (unlikely) we got this new shelf for our bathroom a few weeks back. I realized that I forgot about losing our hand towel bar only when we got home and we didn’t have one. So Dale picked up a set of drawer pulls from Ikea and fashioned a towel bar by attaching the drawer pulls to the new wood shelf. Looks awesome!

Dale also picked up a shoe rack for our entryway at Ikea. He put it together and was not impressed with the no-glue, self-locking pieces. He took it apart and added nails and glue and that little sucker is sturdy as anything now! We’ve decided that Ikea purchases are only as well constructed as you want them to be. Sometimes you gotta throw away the easy directions and pull out the wood glue, according to Dale!

What? We can’t go to a rally downtown every night!