Christmas Morning…

We had a lot of fun going home to Flint to see friends and family! We spent Christmas Eve at Dale’s dad’s and Christmas day we hung out at Dale’s brother’s house (until we headed to Uncle Randy’s). The day after Christmas I got to hang out with my dear friend Meghan and Dale got to hang out with his dad and grandma. I also got to see my very dear old friend Michelle while Dale hung out with Chase and Greg! We also spent time with Dale’s mom and she kicked our butts at Scrabble!

We just had so many great visits! One of the highlights of our trip was Christmas morning at Wayne and Lisa’s watching the kids open presents. Dale took the following pictures…

We stayed with Dale’s brother’s family on Christmas Eve! They had an adorable Christmas tree all lit up! I thought it was adorable.

Lauren was up and ready to open her gifts! She was excited; can you tell?

Ian was also eager!

Lauren and Ian opening a joint present–Twister! They were so cute. When they got a “shared” present they each took a side and politely ripped open their end of the box.

And each time a present was opened, thank yous were voiced all around and hugs given freely. Even when they gave presents to each other. Here they are thanking each other for their mutual gifts! So cute!

The kids made hand print garden stones for mom and dad.

In the midst of unwrapping–it was quite a scene!

Daddy Wayne gets to thank Ian for his hand print garden stone.

Lauren and Ian love to play sports and they both were very excited with their new gloves and balls.
Ian opens another present! He was so cute. He loved to open presents!

Dale posted a gallery of images from Christmas morning! You can see them by clicking here.

Wall-e the Seedling

I bought the movie Wall-E on DVD when it came out a few weeks back and they were offering a free seedling by mail for free. So, of course, I filled out the form online and my seedling arrived the week before Christmas.

A quick trip to Home Depot’s chilly garden section yielded a pot and soil for little Wall-e.

He’s planted and hanging out in front of our living room window. Wish him luck. I’m bad with plants! He’s a tree so perhaps that will help?

Merry Christmas…from the kitties!

Merry Christmas from Monty!
(From the looks of this photo Monty, as Dale tells me, wishes I’d just left him on the street where I found him).

Merry Christmas from Bela!
(Bela is not amused by the headgear, either, but has known me long enough to just barely tolerate such silliness).

Merry Christmas from Sidney!
(Sidney, frankly, couldn’t have cared less about his headgear–he just wanted me to keep rubbing his ears).

The last photo is my fave and each one so perfectly encapsulates their littler personalities that it just cracks me up!

Christmas Lights Extravaganza!

Last week, Dale and I went for an awesome drive over to the suburb of Lincolnwood. It is famous in this area for its concentration of spectacular Christmas lights! First up on our trip? The Leaning Tower of…Niles! I don’t know, either, but it’s spectacular isn’t it? According to my sources its roughly half the size of the original–but twice as exciting because it’s so unexpected! It’s also located in front of a YMCA hotel. So it’s inspiring to them, I guess? I dunno. It’s better to be a mystery sometimes. On to Lincolnwood…

A very famous stop along the Lincolnwood way! The THREE-STORY CHRISTMAS TREE! Did I mention you should click on these photos to make them bigger? Because you should. It’s so fantastic. I don’t even know how to explain it.

Located nearby is this GIANT Reindeer and a wee baby reindeer wrapped in lights. That big boy is bigger than the house behind it. Awesome.

A lovely and elaborate nativity–we featured this one in 3D previously.

And finally, this is just adorable! It’s a giant tree house that seems to be helping Santa by employng some busy little elves. There are little creatures all along the windows and climbing up the rope ladder. And the gentleman that owned the house came outside to drop off his garbage and chatted Dale up for a few minutes. Nice folks!

3D Christmas Spectacular!!

Some of you may have received our Christmas card this weekend! Use your 3D glasses to check out these images…and you can click on the photos to make them bigger!

This is the Gingerbread House that Dale and I put together a few weeks ago.

This is a nativity scene Dale snapped a pic of in the Lincolnwood suburb of Chicago. I must post about that trip in the coming days–we got some great photos of the legendary area’s Christmas displays! Amazing stuff!

Finally, one of the many shots Dale took to get our Christmas card. Sadly, Wal-Mart printed the card much darker than we expected so it doesn’t *pop* like we’d hoped! Eh, buying 3d glasses AND photo cards meant I had to save money somewhere–and then Wal-Mart delivered my order late and freaked me out by canceling it. Long story.

Another option we had for the Christmas card…
Finally, any time you want to see any 3D images we’ve included on the blog click here! We have a handful from last summer and we’ll add a few throughout the year.

And if you’re new to our blog we update about once a week. It’s a little more interactive than the standard Christmas letter!