View-Master of Love

I have long wanted a View-Master Model D. It’s considered the best of the line. It features an internal light source and a focusing feature that allows me to view the reels without my glasses.

I gave the old gal a cursory cleaning today and she’s lookin’ mighty fine!

You press that “View-Master” sign on back to light it up inside.

I took a picture of the image inside! Hott!

Holiday Craft Project!

So a couple of weeks before Christmas I was at the flower shop down the block and saw these adorable lights! I liked them but they were like $40 and I thought that was absurd because, as always, my first thought is: Eh, I could do that.

Monty, as always, was eager to help!

I pulled together my supplies: string of pearl lights (thanks, Target), some floral wire, floral tape and floral stems (Michael’s).

From there I just sort of free formed it. I used the stems to wrap the light cord around and the wire to tightly secure the wire to the stem. Then I wrapped the whole thing in floral tape. And I did this repeatedly till I got low on lights. Then I just wrapped the base.

They aren’t as nice as the store-bought ones but considering I slapped it together with about $10 in supplies while sitting in front of the TV, I’m pretty okay with how it worked out!

I actually think they look prettier in person–they have a nice glow about them and do not dominate the room the way they do this photo.

I also posted this on my craft blog but I don’t think anybody goes there–no pressure!–but I was proud of it and wanted to show it off.

Obama Inauguration in Chicago

Washington, D.C. wasn’t the only city celebrating the inauguration of Barack Obama on Tuesday! There were jumbotrons set up right across the street from Dale’s office and folks gathered to cheer on Obama during his historic swearing in.

Dale, of course, ran out and took a few photos and I must say I’m very, very proud of him for taking these. He really captured the feeling of the crowd and the excitement of seeing the historic swearing-in of our nation’s first African American President!

Joe Biden’s big moment!

A very excited young man revels in the moment!

A woman beaming with pride!

A gentleman sharing the moment with his daughter.

I actually don’t even think these are the best photos–there are about 60 in a gallery you can see by clicking here! I really think Dale did a great job with these. These photos are very moving to me despite the fact that I’m still a little more Team Hilary!

New Nikon; More Photography!

It would seem this year the torch has been passed as Dale’s father passed his beloved Nikon FE camera gear to Dale. From what I have been told–endlessly–this is really cool stuff.

Dale spent a couple nights just cleaning and familiarizing himself with it. It’s quite the spread of goods!

Apparently photographers spend a lot of time taking pictures of rather uninspiring subjects in an effort to familiarize themselves with new equipment. This is great with digital cameras because the photos are free, but with film each frame costs money; I fear the ringing in my ear is the endless tone of the cash register.

Thankfully not every photo he has taken has been uninspired. In fact, he seems pleased with a few of them and genuinly likes a couple of them. Thankfully he is only making me post the six good photos and ignoring the thirty bad ones.

So here are some scans from the new camera.

American Gothic Statue now in downtown Chicago. I looooove this statue.

Dale’s friend and co-worker, Armi looking fierce and fab.

Random Bicycle.

NBC tower.

The Chicago River from Michigan Avenue!

More to come, I’m sure!

It’s cold. Damn cold.

It’s a winter wonderland! And that explains why we are lacking in blog updates. It’s cold. Damn cold. Dale went out to the suburbs in Barrington and found some lovely winter scenes.

He drove around looking some striking images–he felt he didn’t find much.

He wanted to capture how cold it is and how snowy. Did I mention it’s cold? Because HOLY CRAP is it cold.

Tiny horses with big horses!

Pussy willows in the snow.

Even more pussy willows in the snow.

I didn’t go with him. Because it’s COLD, I tell you.

Expect pictures of indoor hobbies and activities for the next month or so.