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February 2009

Remembering Grandma Cutcher

We got news today that Dale’s Grandma Cutcher passed away. We’ll be heading to Michigan for her funeral this week. Thanks so much for thinking of us.

Miss Margaux’s First Visit to Auntie’s House!

We had an exciting Valentine’s Day at our house! It was Miss Margaux’s first visit to our place. She brought her own chair and DVD and several changes of clothes–she comes prepared! She was chillin’ in front of the TV… Continue Reading →

Wall-E Update

Wall-e the Seedling has really started to flourish! You can see a picture of what he used to look like here. Those three sprigs on the top are brand new! Very exciting.

Morbid but heartwarming!

The holidays were a little rough on me this year–I was keenly missing my mother–and Dale’s mom knew it so she checked with Dale and then gave me quite a Christmas present: an urn that I’d been eying to put… Continue Reading →

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