Miss Margaux’s First Visit to Auntie’s House!

We had an exciting Valentine’s Day at our house! It was Miss Margaux’s first visit to our place. She brought her own chair and DVD and several changes of clothes–she comes prepared!

She was chillin’ in front of the TV watching Baby Einstein while her mom, me and Dale get ready to take some pretty Valentine’s Day pictures of her.

Margaux’s regular blog can be found here. And I’m sure those Valentine’s photos will make an appearance very soon!

As for me and Dale, we had a lovely afternoon with Rebecca and Margaux, then went out for dinner at Cucina Paradiso (our favorite place). Today we’re going to Borders to slack and drink coffee. I told you we are creatures of habit despite our best efforts to stir it up here and there!

That said, we did get some sad news last night. Dale’s grandmother (his mom’s mom) is in the hospital and it appears to be quite serious. We just celebrated her 90th birthday last April. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Morbid but heartwarming!

The holidays were a little rough on me this year–I was keenly missing my mother–and Dale’s mom knew it so she checked with Dale and then gave me quite a Christmas present: an urn that I’d been eying to put my mom’s ashes in.

Previously, mom’s ashes were in a temporary home designed to dissolve in water for what was supposed to be a memorial service that laid her ashes in Lake Superior or Lake Huron. At any rate, I had a falling out with my stepdad and realized I was not so interested in parting with mom’s ashes!

Needless to say I was deeply moved by Dale’s mom’s gift and it was very touching to me that she recognized how difficult the holiday season was. She’s the best! Dale’s family is exceptional to me–and to us! We love you guys!

My mom’s wedding photo to my dad is in the frame in the picture! And I have to say thanks to Rebecca P. for helping Dale transfer the ashes to their permanent home.