Last Weekend

Last weekend was pretty fabulous. We had Dale’s friend Matt’s 40th birthday party–sorry, no pics! And on Sunday we had Margaux’s baptism, which was great! You can check out Dale’s photo gallery of the happening here.

The yummy cake!

Miss Margaux, getting her baptism on!

A Busy April

This picture makes me laugh. I took it almost a month ago–it’s me and Dale and the kitties sitting on the sofa on a Sunday morning–and we looked JUST THE SAME this morning. So, you know, if you want to picture us on a quiet day at home? This is it. Anyway, lots of updating to do today…

Lara & Tony

Belle, wearing her Bunny Scarf!

So we’ve been busy bees! We went to Lara and Tony and Belle’s for Easter and it was a fabulous afternoon. I played Wii for the first time. I won a game! I’m a better virtual bowler than a real bowler. I swiped these photos from Rebecca! Thanks, Ree.

She’s Crafty

I usually post all my crafts on my craft blog, bexcraft. I keep them separate for several reasons, not the least of which is that it serves as on online gallery for the custom bridal cards I make. When I make something just for me, I’ll occasionally include it on this blog. Anway, I made this bracelet! I took apart an old necklace because I really liked the beads but it was nothing I would ever wear. I strung the beads on wire and ended up with this!

It’s soft and girly but not too dainty. I like it! I know nothing about jewelry making or design so this was very by the seat of my pants and I’m happy with it. The beads came from some costume jewelry I have that belonged to my grandmothers. I honestly don’t know whose necklace these beads came from–I’d guess my great grandmother Mamie but I did get a bunch from my grandma Agatha, too, so I’m not entirely sure!