Trip to Traverse City

Last weekend, I took a road trip with Rebecca and Margaux to visit Heather and Ryan’s house outside Traverse City. We hung out and enjoyed our visit. Rebecca’s cute pics are here. Great pics, Rebecca!

The kids were the stars of the weekend–here’s Maggie, Margaux and Max! A trio of shockingly well-behaved wee ones. And you know how I don’t have kids? I did awesome on this trip. Heh. I’m so good with kids! Ha!

We went for a little shopping trip in Traverse City and when we got home the little misses were sound asleep!

Maggie was in nearly constant motion. She’s a busy girl. She ran in circles around her little brother as he giggled wildly and reached for her as she flew past. I took to calling Max “Bam Bam” because he’s a strong little guy and doesn’t know his own strength. I missed getting a picture of it but at one point he even had a plastic baseball bat and was hitting the ground with it! Hee!

I had a great time–thanks to Rebecca for driving and to Heather and Ryan for the hospitality.

Aunt Diane and Uncle Randy visit!

Two weeks back my Uncle Randy and Aunt Diane came to visit! It was very exciting because it was their first visit with us.
It was also the first time we’ve hosted a doggie! This is Pooh. She’s an itty bitty Yorkie that is very sweet–unlike my beasts, who promptly ganged up on poor Pooh! We had to keep them separated. Oh, well, maybe the beasts will be nicer next time!

Uncle Randy brought a spectacular gift for Dale–a HUGE ASS FISH! It’s a long story but Dale has long wanted a Blue Marlin, preferably about 7 feet long. It turns out that having a taxidermist in the family is very useful if this if your dream! Uncle Randy surprised us with it. And Dale LOVES it. He hung it the first night they arrived and we have marveled at it ever since. It’s BIG, let me tell you.

Saturday we went to the Field Museum. I like the Field but I know it’s not for everybody. I was very happy that they enjoyed it so much.

It turns out that Aunt Diane is a major nerd for dinosaur bones! She loved it.

She also enjoyed seeing the Man Eating Lions of Tsavo–the movie The Ghost and the Darkness is based on them. They were in the midst of a huge section of taxidermied animals, many roughly 100 years old.

Dale liked this one best of all!

Not entirely surprising, Uncle Randy really enjoyed the taxidermy–he spent some time pointing out the stitches to Dale. It was pretty interesting to see it all from his perspective.

Finally, we took a drive to find a few famous gangster spots. This was Al Capone’s house back in the 30s and 40s–Uncle Randy is pretending to shoot his finger gun. Heh.

And this is the Biograph Theater where John Dillinger was gunned down right out front!

We tried to go to Al Capone’s grave but the cemetery was closed–however, Dale and I made it back there on Memorial Day–I have a pic I meant to post on Memorial Day but will have to add it later.

Dale’s Mom and Grandma Visit!

Dale’s mom, Jackie and his Grandma Murray came to visit last weekend. We had a nice Mother’s Day time with them.

Us gals got pedicures on Saturday morning. Just like we did last year!

Then we went to this cute little suburban town called Long Grove and did a little shop. To enter the town you have to go under a covered bridge!

Many of the shops are converted residences. It was pretty adorable. Thanks to Lara and Trish for suggesting it!

Jackie, at the old-fashioned candy shop.

Grandma Murray and myself picking out our chocolate goodies.

On Mother’s Day, we took them to White Fence Farm–but we forgot out camera! Our meals looked just like the ones pictured, however!

Our evenings were largely filled with Scrabble–Jackie is very serious about it! But on their last night in town, Dale got schooled on how to hem my pants! I’m terrified of the sewing machine but Dale is quite handy with it, believe it or not. So now I have two more pairs of pants I can wear than before the ladies arrived. I made out like a bandit, obviously!

Our New Tent

Exciting news for blog followers! Heh. We bought a tent. REI was having a super sale so we picked up this huge Base Camp 6 tent. It sleeps 6 (allegedly). This will open up all sorts of adventures for us. Here she is in all her fancy glory!

And the test has a huge rain cover. Every time I have gone camping it has rained. And this is why I don’t like camping. So the deal is, the rain cover is supposed to be like Teflon. We shall see!

A view from the cavernous inside! Did I mention that we put the tent up in the public park near our apartment? We had a lot of lookie-loos and we were pretty sure the cops would show up but nobody cared. Lots of little kids looked deeply envious of us! Camping adventures will be coming to a blog near you–later in the summer–but for now we have our weekends plotted out for the next 5 weeks!