Cross Stitch From Hell’s North Pole


Recently I finished an epic counted cross stitch project. Before you think I’m crazy lemme explain! My mom loved Christmas. And she loved all Christmas things that were over the top and tacky. So I made this tree skirt with the idea that I would probably give it to her. She’s been dead for a year and a half so that tells you how many years this project has been in the works! So now, about five years after I started the stupid project I’m done! Whoooooo!

This project was epic! I’d worked on it during the holidays for the last few years but last fall I decided to just work on it until I was done. I’ve been working on it so diligently since then that I don’t even know what to do when I’m sitting around watching a TV show at night. I can’t do just one thing!

A detail of Santa’s sled.

So, yeah, it’s bananas. I haven’t cut it up to be a tree skirt yet because Dale feels it should be a runner instead–there are instructions on how to make it either of those things. Dale thinks it should be prominently displayed and not have the risk of getting sap on it and ruining it. He’s actually quite impressed with it (I’m guessing he’s just humoring me because he knows how much time I spent on this silly thing).

Anyway, no more cross stitch for me! And no more Christmas themed crap!


I wanted to post a couple pictures of Sidney because he’s still happy and relatively healthy but we don’t know how long that will last.

He’s getting a little older and he’s got a few health problems. He’s deaf, has pretty bad back knees, irritable bowel syndrome, and has a spindle cell tumor (which is almost always cancerous). We’ve decided not to take any drastic measures. If we had gone forward with treatment we would have to have his leg amputated and then we’d have to have him undergo chemotherapy, leaving him stressed and putting all his back weight on just one bad leg.

Anyway, we’ve had some time to digest and we’re so lucky that he’s been pretty healthy so far. He’s lost a tiny bit of weight (but nothing scary) and he’s had some increased stomach upset but is overall very happy and sweet-natured.

I’m making Dale take lots of pics of him while he’s still very happy and healthy. Poor little guy. He really is the snuggliest and sweetest pet anyone could ever ask for.

Images from Dale’s Commute

Dale took a few photos of his commute last week and wanted to share them. He takes the green line everyday from Oak Park into the Loop.

A street level view look toward the Loop.

Dale also walks across this bridge everyday.

And he takes the same route home.

My commute is similar but I don’t have to walk across the bridge since I work right in the loop. I only have to walk about a 1/4 of a block to get from the train to my building.

Freaky Storm

Last Friday a super freaky storm settled over Chicago at 10:30 in the morning.

Here it is next to the Hancock Building. Anyway, it got crazy dark and the sky lit up with lightning and shook with thunder. It hailed. It was a serious storm–and kind of neat to watch from our city views at work so Dale snapped a couple of pics from his office.

The neatest thing was that you could see the nice weather beyond the storm and the sun shining out somewhere over Lake Michigan, quite a few miles out over the lake.

Dale’s Birthday

So Dale’s birthday was last week. I made him a cake and bought him a couple of presents that did not arrive in time for his birthday! GAH!

Happily, his coworkers made up for my hugely sucky planning! They decorated his cube!

And his desk. And then took him out for his favorite–sushi–for lunch.

Thanks Armi and Caroline! I appreciate you picking up my slack.

Dale picked Pizza Fusion for his birthday dinner. Organic pizza and a gorgeous garden salad…yummy. One of his presents STILL HAS NOT ARRIVED IN THE MAIL! I can’t take it.

Anyway, we’re also going camping this weekend as part of Dale’s b-day celebrations so we’ll share pix of that adventure later (after it happens, natch).