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June 2009

Cross Stitch From Hell’s North Pole

CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE! Recently I finished an epic counted cross stitch project. Before you think I’m crazy lemme explain! My mom loved Christmas. And she loved all Christmas things that were over the top and tacky. So I made… Continue Reading →


I wanted to post a couple pictures of Sidney because he’s still happy and relatively healthy but we don’t know how long that will last. He’s getting a little older and he’s got a few health problems. He’s deaf, has… Continue Reading →

Images from Dale’s Commute

Dale took a few photos of his commute last week and wanted to share them. He takes the green line everyday from Oak Park into the Loop. A street level view look toward the Loop. Dale also walks across this… Continue Reading →

Freaky Storm

Last Friday a super freaky storm settled over Chicago at 10:30 in the morning. Here it is next to the Hancock Building. Anyway, it got crazy dark and the sky lit up with lightning and shook with thunder. It hailed…. Continue Reading →

Dale’s Birthday

So Dale’s birthday was last week. I made him a cake and bought him a couple of presents that did not arrive in time for his birthday! GAH! Happily, his coworkers made up for my hugely sucky planning! They decorated… Continue Reading →

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