Dale’s Big News!

So, the reasons we’re so far behind on blogging is that Dale has been quite busy with actual work (as opposed to the work I simply assign him). He got a promotion from desktop support dude to Network Administrator.

And now he’s too busy to get my blog photos together. *harrumph*

Congrats, Dale!

Wisconsin Road Trip Part 2

Some images from our Wisconsin road trip from last month that we never got around to posting…the rolling hills and valleys of Southwestern Wisconsin.

Lots of barns and cows!

As much grass as sky–we don’t see that much in Chicago.

Cows roaming along the countryside at dusk.

And now for something completely different…Mt. Horeb’s Mustard Museum!

They have quite the collection of mustards!

This is the fancy award-winning mustard table. We tried the $20 mustard at the mustard tasting bar.

And, honestly? We didn’t care for it.

Above the tasting bar. And I LOVE Lichtenstein so this print made me very happy.

The world’s only mustard vending machine!

The store also features some silly merchandise.

And startling “facts”–of which at least some are true (probably not this one).

New Lights on the back porch!

We went to Ikea this weekend and picked up some new candleholders for the back porch. I really like how they worked out. We bought six and positioned them around the perimeter.

We’ve had the white twinkle lights up for some time–as well as two globe candle holders. Dale and I relaxed on the porch for a spell after putting them up. We were pretty pleased.

Dale went to see KISS…

Dale and his brother went to Canada to see KISS last weekend. He didn’t take any pictures, if you can believe it! He said the show rocked, however.

He also brought home a specialized rack made at his dad’s house! It fits inside the behemoth cabinet we bought a few weeks back and it hosts both our huge printer and our huge scanner. It’s kind of awesome. Of course, both components are on casters that slip easily in and out for use.

4th of July Weekend

Chase and his girlfriend Dawn came to visit on the 4th of July weekend. Chase had the brilliant idea of going on a sunset cruise to watch the fireworks! It was awesome.

We met up with them at Cafe Iberico downtown for tapas and then headed to the boat launch at Michigan Ave.
It was a gorgeous night. We took a quick trip up the river before heading out onto the water.

It was a gorgeous night for fireworks. We took the boat up the river and then out into the bay.

Almost as soon as the sun set the fireworks started.

There was quite a song and dance show on the boat. Dale made a friend that enjoyed singing along to Neil Diamond’s “America” as much as he does.

The fireworks are meant to be seen from the water, I am convinced.

On our way back into the lock and then into the river. We had a great night! It was a ton of fun.

On the fourth itself, we had a quiet day topped off with watching the Oak Park fireworks with our friends The Praters. Dale took some pics of the fireworks and posted them to his facebook page. Check them out here.