Oprah takes over!

Recently, Oprah took over Michigan Avenue! It made big news and happened right outside of Dale’s office. So he got to see the big set up!

He got pretty close to the stage–before the people arrived.

Very soon, folks started to arrive.

After work, it got crazy busy!
I didn’t get to see any of it because I had to hustle to make it to class! School is for losers.

Dale’s friend at work, Joe, was very excited, obviously!

Glen’s Visit

The last weekend of August our friend Glen came to visit. This is my very favorite photo of him going big disco in front of the Cloud Gate in downtown Chicago! We took him around town and then went on an architecture tour along the river.

A photo of the Merchandise Mart from the river–once the largest building in the world by square footage. Four million square feet!

River City is a wacky building!

Some of the sights along the architecture tour.

We also took Glen for Chicago-style hot dogs and we watched a hilarious British comedy is brought for us called The I.T. Crowd. It was a nice visit.

Failing at blogging…and life

Dale and I have been ridiculously, monumentally busy this month!

I started grad school and have been extra busy at work, we had company for approx 47 days in a row, and Dale has been buried at work with no end in sight!

So while poor Dale is still buried (he’s shooting a wedding tonight and has to work all weekend poor thing) I’m going to be studying this weekend and cleaning the house.

And, if I get a chance, I’ll actually put up some photos of our recent company and events.

But first I’m going to catch up on your blog–yes, yours!

Dale’s family visits Part II!

We were very excited to have the family here for the weekend.  Here they are in front of Dale’s huge ass fish! 
While they were here we went to the museum (see post below), we took them for a nice, long bike ride around our neighborhood and before they left on Sunday we took them into the city to check out Millennium Park–always a good time for the kids!
Here’s Ian splashing through the reflecting pool–his shorts got wet but he had a good time. I got very close to the fountain and Lauren declared, “You are a brave woman!” Ha!
We also took them to the Buckingham Fountain downtown. We had such a nice day. It was gorgeous and sunny afternoon with a lovely breeze so we didn’t feel too hot despite the sun (that didn’t keep me from breaking out in a random heat rash later that day–sexy)!
Ian and Lauren checking out their reflections at the “bean” at Millennium Park. We had fun feeling dizzy as we stared up at the inside of the freaky bean. 
Finally it was time to head back to our place so they could get on the road. 
And for all the cool stuff they saw? Harry Potter, everything at the Museum of Science and Industry, Frank Lloyd Wright Houses, two playgrounds, a huge silver bean, a reflecting pool with video screens, and a large fountain…I think they liked riding the train to and from our house best of all. Ian especially…
This is Ian doing his best Mick Jagger before getting on the train to head back to our house. He’s a hoot!