Happy Halloween!

So my plan was to have hilarious pictures of the cats in the bee costume I bought them but they kind of weren’t going for it. Poor Bella has been sick so I didn’t torture him but a minute (his little flu virus explains why he was glazed over and didn’t care about the hat so much).

This is the only picture of Monty I could get where he didn’t look either suicidal or homicidal. So we’ll go with it…

As always Sidney takes one for the team! He stood upright, didn’t look murderous or suicidal (just slightly mortified) and purred and went with it!


Seventh Anniversary Weekend…pt. 1

Dale and I went to Bayfield, Wisconsin, for our anniversary earlier this month. We had a lovely time in spite of the weather! It was very cold and even snowed a bit! That said, the place we stayed, pictured above, was very cute! It’s called the Grey Oak Guest House. It was literally the only place to stay because a marathon was happening that weekend and every hotel was booked for miles. We got very lucky to score this place and it ended up being adorable.

This was the view from our room.

Inside, we had nice digs. There was a private bath, a TV, Wi-Fi access and more!

We even had our own fireplace. We also controlled our own heat and a/c. Nice!

Every morning the owner would leave a platter of tasty bread and fruit for us. Wow, this place had amazing bread! Zucchini bread was especially tasty on our second morning. We also enjoyed a cup of fruit each morning. It was very tasty!

We supplied the wine and cheese and crackers for ourselves but in the hallway pantry there were plenty of silver and serving options! Cute place! More to come in later posts…

Dale’s Work Crisis

Dale was having a crisis at work. An important server kept overheating but he couldn’t let the computer be down–people have to keep working while Dale waits for parts. So he constructed a box fan mechanism (heh) to cool it off while it was running.

As you can see, he was very happy when it worked. That’s Dale–showing off his work computer being cooled by a huge box fan that is taped to the side of it.

He’s an innovator, that Dale!

Mr. Squirrel is exhausted.

He had a lot of seeds! Ha! I love this little dude. I forgot to post this in September but had to share. More pics of our anniversary weekend will be coming…someday.

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Meghan’s Visit

Our dear friend Meghan came to visit a few weeks back and we had a really nice time. We went to the Renegade Craft Fair on one day and to the Art Institute of Chicago the next. This is Meghan in front of the crazy huge Blue Marlin!

Meghan is a graphic designer but had never been to the Art Institute. She helped us have a greater appreciation for it, I think. This is a detail of the famous Nighthawks paintings, part of the permanent collection.

She particularly liked this one (and many others).

Dale took his own “artsy” shot in the new Modern Wing.

We had a really nice visit but we’re now buried in work and school!