I mean to post this awhile back but since it’s a wintery day, thought I’d share. My co-worker Silvia took this photo from our office window with her iPhone–we love to see the bean in every kind of weather!

Sneak Peak

For a sneak peak at Dale’s recent photo shoot check out the company’s blog. They took a few behind-the-scenes shots.

I’m not sure what I can share but odds are good that the photos Dale took will end up in a national hot rod magazine. We’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time, we’re school, work, school, work, smidge of facebook, and a whole lot of school book. More soon!


We are pretty well buried in school this month! I’m in class Monday and Thursday nights and Dale is in class on Monday and Wednesday night! I’m taking two classes and he’s taking one.

In super sekrit and exciting news, Dale did a photo shoot last weekend that might just end up at your local magazine rack. Can’t share the photos yet but I can tell you it was a shoot of a custom hot rod. We’ll share more info–and photos, of course!–as soon as we can.

Sorry for the weak update and we’ll try to get a more exciting life in February.