Stepped inside Macy’s

I stopped in the Macy’s State Street store (Marshall Field’s to you die hards) and found it was spring flower week! They had a spectacular display. I only had my iPhone so it was hard to capture. There were hundreds of little wooden birds hanging from the ceiling and it was really breathtaking. I might go back next week when the full display kicks in with my camera.

The fountain–already a lovely piece–is outfitted with tons of flowers. The place was filled with gorgeous flowers and plants. If you are nearby you should make an effort to stop it.

Blog Looks Weird…

Hey, we were having problems with Blogger (long story about hosting it on our own website, yada yada). So we made a rather complicated transition to WordPress (like blogger but made for those who are hosting on their own site).

So our blog will be a little ugly until we have time to find a nice theme or create one of our own.

Oh? And I intend to get back to my regularly scheduled posting duties! We have lots of fun stuff planned in the next couple of months!

Something happened! Kinda.

I bought our first fabric shower curtain! I feel like a grown-up. It has a complementary bath rug and even a few washcloths. I LOVE it. It has squirrels on it!

Oh, and Sidney jumped on the counter in the middle of the picture. As he does. And I let it go because it amuses me!

In other news, I’m ignoring the fact that the new bath accessories do not actually go with the horrid floor. I’m just going to pretend that floor is not there. I hate it so. much.

In still further news, we are plotting exciting summer trips that will yield charming and grand photos for your enjoyment.

Our blog URL is probably changing. Stupid Blogger! Anyway, I’ll make an announcement on that soon. Now I’m going to do homework (sob) and then watch a little TV. Just another wild night in the big city…