Rangers Visit!

Just before we left on vacation the Ranger family came to visit! They stayed with Rebecca & Pat. I hung out with them quite a bit and it was a lovely visit! We all went to the zoo.

I think Margaux really enjoyed having company…here is she on the carousel at the zoo.

This is Maggie enjoying the butterfly house–I must say that kids move quick. I barely got any in-focus shots of them!

And here’s little Max taking in the carousel action.

We saw lots of animals–my favorite was the pooping tiger! Hee!

We were all exhausted from the heat and excitement, none more than Maggie!

We also got to go out to dinner and took the kids to an indoor play park. Us ladies had a little gal pal bonding time, too. Great to see everybody, as always.

My new career

I got a lot to catch up on, yo. We just got back from vacation–don’t have the pictures sorted yet! But in anticipation of that, I’d like to update a few random things.

Like this one day in May–right after school ended–I felt my new career calling would be in creating elaborate garnishes (don’t ask).

So these were my first (and only) attempts at fancy apple birds. I might pull this skill out for a party in the future. Apple bird party seems like a good theme, right?