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July 2010

Dale’s New Hobby

Dale has a new hobby! (I know, I know, doesn’t Dale have enough hobbies? That’s what I said.) He’s taken up wood carving. He’s always been interested in woodworking but since we live on the third floor and have a… Continue Reading →

Vacation Part 1

This first in what will probably be about 100 posts covering our spring vacation! We took a massive road trip of awesomeness that began in Oak park and went through Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse), Wyoming… Continue Reading →

Mini Golf Tourney

I forgot to post about my most awesome victory. Dale and I enjoy playing the miniature golf now and again. And over the years? I’ve never one a game! Until this year! We like our mini golf to have a… Continue Reading →

Sidney would like to welcome you…

Hi, my name is Sidney. May I get you a towel?

Dale’s Traditional Rod & Kulture Photo Shoot

Exciting news! And it’s on news stands! Dale shot “Tangerine Scream” (it’s the car pictured above) for Rod & Kulture Magazine (it’s the magazine pictured above). All together? That’s a photo that Dale shot on the cover of a magazine… Continue Reading →

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