What you saw was the planet Venus.

Dale took a few pics of Venus in transit.

We went to the Naperville Astronomy Club’s meet-up. Dale is a member and several of the club members had their day time telescopes set up with little projectors so everybody could get a peak at Venus as it made it’s tiny black dot way across the sun. This is a telescope (and its owner) outfitted for solar viewing. The yellow thing? Sun. The big black dot? Venus.

Being the total dork that I am, I spent the whole  afternoon reciting scenes from one of my favorite X-Files episodes.

After staring at Venus through a variety of devices that would keep us from burning our eyes out our sockets? We got sushi with our friend Anne.

Graduation–Quick Picture Post

So I graduated and turned 40 at the beginning of May. Hard to believe that was already more than a month ago. This year has been insane. I’m pretty sure it was January just three weeks ago.

I actually attended graduation, which was surprising. Here I am, peaking at Dale through a sea of graduation caps. It actually ended up being a really fun day. Heather came from Traverse City and Rebecca hung out and we had a Mexican restaurant feast and margaritas (it was also Cinco de Mayo).

Thanks so everyone along who supported me throughout grad school, Dale in particular. It was a bit of a harder slog than I expected in some way but also fun and rewarding in others. We’re certainly racing onto the next phase of our lives: home ownership!


Home Sweet Wheaton…

We put in an offer on a house! And, after some intense negotiations led by our realtor, an agreement was reached.

It’s a little Brady Bunch but we have Big Plans for it!

We’re pretty excited and terrified. Sadly, it means we’re leaving Oak Park–and probably will have to change blogs since we won’t be in Oak Park anymore. We’re moving to Wheaton! More details to come (though we won’t take possession until September).