Repainted Front Door

While Dale was very busy with remodeling the family room (I’ll post about that later in greater detail), I was consumed with brightening up our sad front door!


This is what it looks like on the day we moved in. The countrified “Welcome” sign, painted a rusty brown to match the exterior.


Another view…


I found the inside view much worse. It was like a black hole for a front door, basically. I wanted to brighten it up a bit and maybe use this paint job as an “audition” for colors I might like to paint the rest of the exterior–the dark rust brown is simply too dark and dreary! So I went to Sherwin-Williams armed with a coupon and a dream…


The first order of business was priming the front door. I took all the metal pieces off the doors (and only put the locks back on because this project took two days). This endeavor made me realize all the walls in our living room/dining room are yellowy and kinda dreary as well (painting those spaces is on the docket).


I ended up painting the door a nice, bright green!


The view from the outside! I really can’t wait to get rid of that awful screen door! I just want a plain glass one that flatters the lines of the house.


And this is what it looked like from the street. I’m a dork.


When I went to come back in, I found our cat, Bela Lugosi, standing next to the front door. He seems to like the paint job! Honestly, he’s probably been the happiest new homeowner we know. He loves everything about the new house!

The neatest thing about this upgrade was that the neighbors really noticed. We have had three people note how much they liked the color and that it made the whole house seem a little brighter.

Stripping the Floors

Click on any link to go to the larger resolution image:


The office with its floor naked!


The living room–curtains gone!


Beautiful floors!


A long shot of the combined/living and dining space.


Mike stripping the floor in the master bedroom.



Heavy equipment at work, with fans blowing dust out.


Floors–Stripped and Refinished

Our first major order of business was to take up the carpets–Dale started doing that within minutes of us getting the keys. Of course, first we popped a bottle of champagne and tried to relax after a very intense day of waiting for paperwork to come through.

Please see our previous post to see the house before we started any renovations.

We started in the dining room:




Naked floor!


Naked hallway floor. We were shocked by how great the floors looked under the carpet.


In the office, Dale pulled up blue carpet. But pulling up the carpet was the easy part!


He had to scrap the floors to get the carpet padding up, which had basically disintegrated.

Check it out:

Dale lifting the carpet padding up off the guest bedroom floor.

 Dale had to get creative to get the disintegrated padding off the hardwood floors. It was pretty gross.


 He worked hard; we ordered a pizza.

The next step was to strip the floors and refinish them. That was up to Dale and his friend Mike who does flooring for a living. Next post…

A Quick Tour

I figured the best way to kick this off is with a quick home tour. So this is what our house looked like when we moved in (minus the basement, as I didn’t take any pics on the first day and after that it was all boxes for weeks).

Click on any image to go to a larger version for better stalking.


The front of our house! We have a lot of work to do to get those bushes under control, no?


The entryway/living room (note its carpeted).


The living room, entryway and hallway (all carpeted).


The living room/dining room (wallpapered and carpeted).


A fun panorama of the kitchen from the family room.


And a panorama of the kitchen from the dining room.


The family room–carpeted and paneled with cedar slats.


Master bedroom had green carpet…


Second bedroom had blue (not that Dale could not slow down ripping carpets out so I could get proper “before” pics!


The third bedroom (will be a guest bedroom but will not feature rust-colored carpets).


We never got pics of the downstairs after we moved in and before the boxes descended. My bad. This is what it looked like when the previous owners lived there.


This picture of the garage is also from before we moved in–that’s Dale and our realtor.


Another quick pic of our garage.


And the backyard!