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Dale and I hadn’t carved pumpkins in awhile–and we’d done really elaborate ones last time (in 2005–we hadn’t cut a pumpkin since we moved here). So we decided to take inspiration from The Great Pumpkin. We paused the DVD and… Continue Reading →

We don’t want to take down the Christmas tree…

Nobody wanted to take down the Christmas tree. Could you take the tree down with a kitty this sad about it? Of course not! So we left the house yesterday and didn’t get home until about 9:30 with one final,… Continue Reading →

A Blue Moon

Hey look! It’s a blue moon. The moon is full and crazy bright tonight–as is the moon over my tiny village! Ha! Happy New Year, people!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope nothing awkward happens at your Thanksgiving dinner!

Happy Halloween!

So my plan was to have hilarious pictures of the cats in the bee costume I bought them but they kind of weren’t going for it. Poor Bella has been sick so I didn’t torture him but a minute (his… Continue Reading →

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