I’ve been bad about updating what we’re up to lately! We’ve gone to parties basically every Saturday for the last month except last week–and I have pictures to post of our visitors last Saturday–and I have largely failed to take pictures. I have no idea why!

Anyway, thanks to all the party people we’ve hung out with lately! We went to Evanston to see the Roy Lichtenstein prints show with a pal from work, Megan. Very cool show, though poor Dale is not a fan of pop art at all! I am a huge fan. It’s one of our few points of total aesthetic disagreement! Oh, well, you can’t agree on everything.

I’ll take pics this weekend. We’re likely going to the Taste of Chicago and playing in the city this afternoon.

Pictures of the Grandkitties…

This is a picture of Bela that Dale took back in Rochester Hills. I just like it.

This is a picture of Sidney that Dale took in Rochester Hills. I like it. Sid loves to sleep with his little chin supported.

And this is a brand spanking new picture of Monty (or Baby Mo as we call him).

Some Lunch Shots & New Job

Dale started a new job in the city yesterday! He’s very excited to be back to taking the train to work each morning and he’s right down on Michigan Ave. This is his first direct hire/no contract job in Chicago and he plans to stay with this company for some time.

Dale took a few shots recently that he’s proud of and thought we’d like to share.

Ah, depth of field!

Dale feels these shots are “pretty” and technically pretty great!

I like this one. I’m a fan of breakfast.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

I had quite the adventure this evening! My friend Anne had an extra ticket to Verdi’s Requiem at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. It was really a fun event and I’m so lucky to have made friends here in Chicago, especially those that afford me such lovely new experiences!

Click here to get a peak at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra hall. Sorry, no pics from me because they were not allowed. I could have cheated but I’m a good girl.


Just a rundown of what we’ve been up to in the last couple of weeks:

Dale spent Memorial Day morning at a moving exhibit: Eyes Wide Open.

He spent the morning photographing nearly all of the 3452 boots on display. Click on the link above to learn more and see select shots–or check out the whole gallery!

We’ve also been busy socializing with people from work–lots of comings and goings so we’ve had happy hours and parties to attend.

We played “skill golf” a couple of weekends ago at a famous place called Par-King! We didn’t get any photos, sadly, but it was a really fun afternoon. It’s billed as “The World’s Most Unusual Miniature Golf” and it’s filled with fun custom holes including a roller coaster that takes the ball on a crazy ride! Another hole features a replica of the Sears Tower and take the ball for a ride up the elevator of the tall building! Ha! It was a hoot! To give you an idea how wacky the place is, I did a search on Flickr. Click here to check out the fantastic holes–including the awesome Mt. Rushmore hole!