Here are the next 10 cakes I made.

New Year’s Neapolitan Cake. Two layers of white chocolate, two layers of dark chocolate, strawberry preserve filling topped with vanilla meringue buttercream, chocolate ganache drip, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Chocolate spice cake with cardamom buttercream rosette cake. This was one of my favorite flavor combos.

My first “naked” cake was a 6-layer chocolate stout cake frosted with Raspberry cream cheese/Swiss meringue buttercream and then topped with dark and white chocolate bark (sprinkled with freeze-dried raspberries and pretzel bits) and fresh raspberries! (Not happy with the naked part, but it was a first effort).

Lemony carrot cake with daffodils (I wrapped the based in plastic) and a spun sugar nest on top.

Lemon thyme cake brushed with thyme syrup, filled with lemon curd cream and frosted with a “rustic” ombré Swiss meringue buttercream (by rustic, I mean “poorly executed ombré” and “roughly frosted” smooth).

Simpsons-inspired Donut Cake

S’mores cake: cinnamon buttermilk cake, milk chocolate fudge frosting between layers, and toasted meringue frosting.

Purple layer cake with pitch-black frosting and crazy sprinkles

White birch “bark” cake with a diorama on top. Gingerbread cake with espresso frosting.

When I’m not baking cakes, I’m working on cookies. These are wookie cookies.