I’ve been meaning to do this for ages! I want to start a series of “favorite things” posts that talk about some of our household standbys. First up…

Penzey’s Red & Green Bell Pepper Flakes!

I’ve been using the heck out of these lately! Dale’s not the biggest fan of bell peppers so they often go to waste when I want to keep them around. I make egg muffins for b’fast and take them to work a few days a week. Cutting up only 1/4 of a red pepper and trying to eat the rest raw and/or throwing the rest out seemed like a waste. And then I found these! They are dried. You pop them in water for a few minutes and they come back to life!

I don’t even bother with the water since I put them in raw eggs (and then cook them, of course). I used some in my omelet this morning and they were delish.

You can buy them online in a variety of sizes and variations or you can pick them up at your local Penzeys!