Christmas Dinner

We had a great trip back to Michigan between Christmas and New Year’s but we somehow didn’t take any pictures–ridiculous, right?

Dale snapped a few of Christmas dinner at my Aunt Diane and Uncle Randy’s house…

Aunt Diane, baking biscuits

Aunt Diane’s mom–Grandma still going strong! Love her apron!

Look at the gorgeous table setting!

The ladies fussing over the fabulous meal they’re preparing.

Uncle Randy is always manning the video camera!

The super cute Christmas tree!

Dale liked his feast so much he took a picture of it!

My new career

I got a lot to catch up on, yo. We just got back from vacation–don’t have the pictures sorted yet! But in anticipation of that, I’d like to update a few random things.

Like this one day in May–right after school ended–I felt my new career calling would be in creating elaborate garnishes (don’t ask).

So these were my first (and only) attempts at fancy apple birds. I might pull this skill out for a party in the future. Apple bird party seems like a good theme, right?

February Updatey-ness

February was pretty quiet…

Monty was bored.

So was Dale…so I got him an ice cream maker. It has gotten quite the work out since then!

To relieve the boredom we took a quick trip to the Museum of Science and Industry to see a crazy replica of the White House. They wouldn’t let us take photos of that so I snapped photos of this crazy dress instead:

It was lit up and it the lights would run and shift like a wacky string of Christmas lights!

New Year’s Long Weekend

We had a lovely New Year’s! Since we didn’t have a lot of time before or during Christmas, we opened our presents after Christmas once we got home. The carnage was still evident on New Year’s Eve.

Dale was a cooking fool on NYE. (I made the enchiladas the day before and they were very, very good). Dale made chocolate espresso mousse from scratch. Delish!

He also made a batch of his grandmother’s homemade chocolate syrup. In this picture he’s also showing off what was probably his favorite Christmas present of the ones I gave him. He has used the infrared laser thermometer for all his home-style cooking this year.

However, dinner was the real prize. He made crab cakes. very, tasty little brown puffs from heaven!

We served them with a lemon wasabi sauce we bought ages ago back when we first went to Lake Geneva!

We started the new year with fresh homemade hash browns. My mom would be happy to know that Dale is putting the Kitchen Aid she bought for him (seriously, she gave it to him, not me).

And it wouldn’t be a post from me without the cats. I went to make the bed and Monty was sitting on the edge of the bed, transfixed. Two squirrels were feasting on the seeds I left out for them. Monty is deeply fascinated by woodland creatures. Particularly when they show up on the porch of our third floor apartment!


One of our new favorite things to do is to make pizza! We started lazy. I buy whole wheat crust from Whole Foods and rub a little olive oil on it. Then I take some pizza sauce–also acquired from WF–and spread it on evenly. We started out with just pepperoni but have quickly graduated to a whole new level (because we’re dorks).

We bought a brick of smoked mozzarella and some Crimini mushrooms in order to replicate one of our favorite pizzas from Trattoria 225 in Oak Park.

Anyway, we also re-discovered our Kitchen Aid slicer/shredder attachment–and it works so awesome with the smoked mozza brick! Check out the silly video! I would highly recommend the attachment if you have a KA. And I would also highly recommend smoked mozzarella with Crimini mushrooms on your next pizza.
We were so excited with teh results that we forgot to take the “after” photo of the pizza until, well, “after” we ate some! If you come visit me? I will make you some of this pizza!