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Christmas Dinner

We had a great trip back to Michigan between Christmas and New Year’s but we somehow didn’t take any pictures–ridiculous, right? Dale snapped a few of Christmas dinner at my Aunt Diane and Uncle Randy’s house… Aunt Diane, baking biscuits… Continue Reading →

My new career

I got a lot to catch up on, yo. We just got back from vacation–don’t have the pictures sorted yet! But in anticipation of that, I’d like to update a few random things. Like this one day in May–right after… Continue Reading →

February Updatey-ness

February was pretty quiet… Monty was bored. So was Dale…so I got him an ice cream maker. It has gotten quite the work out since then! To relieve the boredom we took a quick trip to the Museum of Science… Continue Reading →

New Year’s Long Weekend

We had a lovely New Year’s! Since we didn’t have a lot of time before or during Christmas, we opened our presents after Christmas once we got home. The carnage was still evident on New Year’s Eve. Dale was a… Continue Reading →


One of our new favorite things to do is to make pizza! We started lazy. I buy whole wheat crust from Whole Foods and rub a little olive oil on it. Then I take some pizza sauce–also acquired from WF–and… Continue Reading →

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