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I got a new camera!

And it has HD video. *testing* Compare that to my old camera and Bela eating cat grass. HD video on my tiny new Canon is so cool.

What the hell have we been up to?

Lots! But I never seem to spend time blogging about it. So let’s do a round up! Waaay back in February my cousin Randy came to visit and brought his sons Colton and Jack! They are great kids (and welcomed… Continue Reading →

Christmas Kitties

So, yeah, I took a few photos of the kitties with their Christmas costumes on. And they really liked, it obviously. I took these back on December 5 so Sidney was under the weather but still kicking. I didn’t bother… Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Sidney.

Today we had to say goodbye to our dear feline friend, Sidney. He was a dearly, deeply loved part of our family for nearly 14 years—a third of our lives! Sidney was an unusual cat. He was lavish with his… Continue Reading →

Sidney would like to welcome you…

Hi, my name is Sidney. May I get you a towel?

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