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Transformer 3 Filming in Chicago

Shia LaBeouf & cast/crew filming across the street from my office in August 2010.

An overview of the “set” across the street from my old office.

And then the roof exploded! The third floor was fake and added just to be blown off. Neat!

Josh Duhamel on set (on Wabash). I was on the train platform.

Shia and Josh are being flung up and down. Looks really cool in the movie!

Shia lying on the hood of Bumblebee!

A quick video of flying Shia and Josh!

The overview shots Dale took are still here:

Science Storms

Recently Dale and I checked out the new exhibit on the Science of Storms at the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s a really cool exhibit. Dale took a few pics.

Static electricity! Wheee!

A giant Tesla coil on the ceiling of the exhibit.

Should have taken video of this one. It rotates at different speeds to simulate avalanches or something. It was pretty gigantic and awesome.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is an indoor tornado that you can control with buttons! Neat!

Crowd milling about tornado. Just another day at the Museum of Science!