Snow My God

So we got some snow. You might have heard.

Dale got out of work early on Tuesday and had Wednesday off–as did most of Chicagoland. Even our local Starbucks was closed.

A fella pushes into the wind. With my old building in the background. What a dump that building is!

So we went on a little adventure on Wednesday afternoon once the storm had died down.

A lovely Victorian around the corner from our house.

Steep snow!

My favorite house on Kennilworth.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Knee-deep in snow at Austin Gardens…

He took quite a few photos so if you’d like to see the rest click here.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio

I started volunteering at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio in Oak Park this summer. It was quite the intensive training process but all I’ve got is time, right? Anyway, at the end of the summer they throw a party for volunteers and I got my graduation certificate. And now I volunteer to give home and neighborhood tours one day a month.

Let me know if you want to take my tour!

Something happened! Kinda.

I bought our first fabric shower curtain! I feel like a grown-up. It has a complementary bath rug and even a few washcloths. I LOVE it. It has squirrels on it!

Oh, and Sidney jumped on the counter in the middle of the picture. As he does. And I let it go because it amuses me!

In other news, I’m ignoring the fact that the new bath accessories do not actually go with the horrid floor. I’m just going to pretend that floor is not there. I hate it so. much.

In still further news, we are plotting exciting summer trips that will yield charming and grand photos for your enjoyment.

Our blog URL is probably changing. Stupid Blogger! Anyway, I’ll make an announcement on that soon. Now I’m going to do homework (sob) and then watch a little TV. Just another wild night in the big city…

Santa’s Express

Updating madness!!!

Saturday afternoon was the Oak Park WinterFest! And the Santa Express pulled into our local station at 1 p.m.

Every year, the CTA employees volunteer and decorate a train with tacky decorations and run it on one of the lines for the weekend. This was our weekend!

It’s decorated inside and out!
How great is this Santa? Again, a volunteer–just like all the folks who participate in the Santa Express’s weekend trips.

Santa’s Express!!!

Even the seats are decorated!

And at night? It’s alllll lit up like a Christmas tree!