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Sneak Peak: Priming the Dining Room

Painting Killz over the walls that had wallpaper. Already scrubbed them twice, lightly sanded them and wiped them down. These walls are my nemesis basically.

The Home Office

For the first six months we owned our house I was self-employed and worked from home. Now that I’m back to work I am only in the office three days a week so we still need a home office for… Continue Reading →

Family Room Renovation!

Have I mentioned I’m still working on file sizes and photos? Because I am. So this is what our family room looked like when we moved in! It’s a large, lovely space but with the dark cedar slats and old… Continue Reading →

Repainted Front Door

While Dale was very busy with remodeling the family room (I’ll post about that later in greater detail), I was consumed with brightening up our sad front door! This is what it looks like on the day we moved in…. Continue Reading →

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