Hot Rod Open House

Dale went to a hot rod open house waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in March. And here are the photos! Click on any one to make it big and pretty.

What the hell have we been up to?

Lots! But I never seem to spend time blogging about it. So let’s do a round up!

Waaay back in February my cousin Randy came to visit and brought his sons Colton and Jack! They are great kids (and welcomed their new little brother Matthew this summer). While they were here we took them to Shedd Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry.

In April we painted our living room (after having a hole in our ceiling for two months that our crap-ass landlords wouldn’t take care of because the former owners were in bankruptcy. To celebrate having a ceiling we painted! And it looks ADORABLE (in my humble opinion).

I love the red wall. But I also love that I broke with tradition and made a bold color choice! Red, yellow/green, and dark blue. And it works, very weirdly. I used my color wheel!

┬áIn May I turned 39 (*gasp*) and wrapped up Year Two of Graduate School! Only one year to go! I had to make a poster board presentation. Had never done that before and mine turned out bee-yoo-ti-ful! I did it on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio.

Dale has had a busy summer, to say the least. He’s been building a huge photography studio. This is what it started out as! This is what it looked like back in May when he purchased the materials for the build out.

Dale’s pretty handy! He built an infinity wall. This is the bare bones.

In June my dear friends Sarah and Betsy came to visit. And I got the bright idea to dye my hair red. And it turned pink. For real. I had read dye all over my skin so I had had to hide it with a scarf. Might be the last time I dye my hair while drinking wine with friends. Might not be! Life is short. I’m thinking blue hair for my 40th.

While the girls were here we went to Ravinia to see The Go-Go’s. Rebecca P. tagged along and that was fun! And, as always, it was a feast!

We went on an architecture tour and went to Navy Pier to get some Ryba’s Fudge. We were fudge girls together in 1993! Which makes me 87 years old.

Throughout the spring Monty and Bela continued on being adorable. Blurry because it was taken with my camera phone.

We had a few other adventures, too, but I don’t have good pics of those so it’s my loss. And yours. Sadness. More updates to come…

Transformers 3

Dale and I have big plans to see Transformers 3 this weekend! I love me some disaster movies but we’re actually excited because we watched the movie being filmed right outside our office windows all last summer.

Here is a link to the gallery of photos that Dale took from his office; if I can find mine I’ll add them later.


Yellowstone VII: Grizzly

Have we dragged these photos out long enough for you? It’s a bit much, I know. But this is my virtual scrapbook so you’re stuck with it if you visit.

We weren’t expecting to see Grizzly bears, particularly not up close. We pulled over to a rest area because it looked busy and would probably yield an animal sighting. However, since Dale and I are dopey we thought everybody was looking up at two giant birds mating in the sky. We started at them until they flew out of sight and then looked around, realizing that was but a side show to the main attraction.

Located just down a slight slope from up–and quite near an outhouse–was a mother Grizzly and two cubs. To quote Dale, “That’s a motherf*ckin’ Grizzly!”

Indeed! And she was rooting around the ground, looking for food for her cubs. I was pretty transfixed but also quite nervous. Occasionally, the bear would pause and turn to look at the crowd. Not afraid of us but just to be sure we were staying put on the hill. Needless to say, I was staying put.

Frankly, I was calculating the odds. At one point, the bear pushed her paw into the largely frozen ground and dug a huge patch of dirt up with very little effort. I knew enough to know that I could be that patch of grass and I basically turned to Dale and said, “That was cool but I’m out.”

I ducked back into the car, behind the crowd. Dale, for his part, was calculating the odds as well.

He watched the bear closely and opted to stand behind a man who had a leg brace. Surely the bear would take the low hanging fruit first, yes?

At some point, the bear came closer and Dale booked it back to the car. Apparently his calculations had been off. The guy with the brace was safely in his car well before Dale got back to ours.

At any rate, it was amazing to see the bears up close! They were adorable and beautiful and pretty seriously majestic in size and presence.

So as cool as it was to see the giant animals? I was probably more excited about the ground squirrels. I’m a dork, I know this. It’s not news. And ground squirrels are unlikely to kill me. That helps. They are also about as cute as it gets. They are bigger than chipmunks but a little smaller than wild squirrels. We sat near a stream and watched them frolic for about an hour.

They ran and played with the chipmunks–there seemed to be a combination of playfulness and competitiveness among the tiny animal population of Yellowstone. I wanted to bring this guy home in my pocket! Just LOOK at that face!

I had so much fun watching animals that we really missed a lot of random things–like the mud pots. I seriously told Dale to keep driving. What cute animal would hang out near hot mud?.