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Dale’s dad says our blog needs to be updated in a timely manner! So I’m live blogging from the middle of Wisconsin. This happened 5 minutes ago.

Fall 2010


Trying something a little different this time! I had a bunch of images of geysters and hot springs and didn’t want to caption them all (I’m lazy and it’s been so long I just forget which is which and whatnot!… Continue Reading →

Root Beer Reviews on the Road

Frostop Duluth, MN Dale: Smooth with a presence but had a light quality about it. It’s a summer root beer, not a winter. Leaves a light palate with just a hint of after taste. Rebecca: Strong essential root beer-ness. It… Continue Reading →

Yellowstone VII: Grizzly

Have we dragged these photos out long enough for you? It’s a bit much, I know. But this is my virtual scrapbook so you’re stuck with it if you visit. We weren’t expecting to see Grizzly bears, particularly not up… Continue Reading →

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