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Kitchen Updates Pt. 1

We’ve been making some updates to our kitchen this year, slowly but surely. As a refresher, here’s what it looked like when we moved in: As you can see we had an L-shaped formica countertop! And black appliances on the… Continue Reading →

My New Angus Cattle Poster Collection…

So I’ve been picking up these Angus cattle posters painted by Frank C. Murphy on eBay. It’s an affliction! These are simple snapshots that don’t show the true fabulousness of these posters. Anyway, I wanted pics of all the ones… Continue Reading →

He bought an arduino kit. I don’t know what it is or does but he is super excited all the same.

Our New Tent

Exciting news for blog followers! Heh. We bought a tent. REI was having a super sale so we picked up this huge Base Camp 6 tent. It sleeps 6 (allegedly). This will open up all sorts of adventures for us…. Continue Reading →


So we needed a new car and we’ve been looking and test driving for a couple of weeks and we’d narrowed it down to a few options. We were thinking it would be hot to drive a diesel (tax credit… Continue Reading →

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