Blog Looks Weird…

Hey, we were having problems with Blogger (long story about hosting it on our own website, yada yada). So we made a rather complicated transition to WordPress (like blogger but made for those who are hosting on their own site).

So our blog will be a little ugly until we have time to find a nice theme or create one of our own.

Oh? And I intend to get back to my regularly scheduled posting duties! We have lots of fun stuff planned in the next couple of months!

Dale’s Work Crisis

Dale was having a crisis at work. An important server kept overheating but he couldn’t let the computer be down–people have to keep working while Dale waits for parts. So he constructed a box fan mechanism (heh) to cool it off while it was running.

As you can see, he was very happy when it worked. That’s Dale–showing off his work computer being cooled by a huge box fan that is taped to the side of it.

He’s an innovator, that Dale!

Weird Posting Problems…


I haven’t been able to add to the blog in like a week! So this is a test post. Our FTP site is not playing nice with blogger’s proxy.

Test photo…does not work. Boo. Hiss.

Yay! We’re in business. And Monty is in the business of snuggling.