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Pat’s 50th Birthday Party

We went to an ax-throwing party! It was a hoot. A post shared by Rebecca K. (@isadoraink) on Mar 3, 2018 at 7:33pm PST It was a really fun party and Dale was magically very good at it! A post… Continue Reading →

A Race to the Finish

So I’m wrapping up graduate school this week and turning 40. Pretty big milestones! But I’m also looking to the future–goals and hobbies–and hoping for a very positive 4th decade on earth. To that end, Dale got me the greatest… Continue Reading →

Dale’s Aerobatic Flight!

Dale had talked about going on an aerobatic flight for a very long time. One day last winter Groupon offered a great deal for a trick flight with Gauntlet Warbirds, located in Aurora, Illinois. Dale told me about it and… Continue Reading →

Birthday at Medieval Times!

For my 38th birthday I decided I wanted to go to Medieval Times! So a few friends kindly agreed to come along… Lara and Tony were there! Lara’s looking hot, isn’t she? Dale managed to drink A LOT of margaritas,… Continue Reading →

Dale’s Birthday

So Dale’s birthday was last week. I made him a cake and bought him a couple of presents that did not arrive in time for his birthday! GAH! Happily, his coworkers made up for my hugely sucky planning! They decorated… Continue Reading →

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