For my 38th birthday I decided I wanted to go to Medieval Times! So a few friends kindly agreed to come along…

Lara and Tony were there! Lara’s looking hot, isn’t she?

Dale managed to drink A LOT of margaritas, starting with this giant 40 ounce goblet right there.

Rebecca & Pat were there, too! Loved the flower in Rebecca’s hair. Adorable.

We also invited Lara’s parents–Trish and Rudy! Lara and Trish brought plastic silverware and napkins–I love them for that! You see, you eat with your hands at Medieval Times!

In addition to a tasty bunch of hand-eaten foods? You get a spectacular show!

It’s filled with romance, horses and feats of daring! And you get to cheer on the Knight that your section of the theater.

We got lucky! We cheered on the Green Knight–he’s the villain and gets lots of time in the stadium. And he was cute, too. I cheered him like it was my job (and it was).

A picture of all the fellas! It was a pretty fun time. I think a few doubting Thomases in the crowd didn’t think it would be as awesome as it was (but I secretly knew it would be all along).

Any ideas for next year?