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My First Upholstered Chair!

For the tl; dr crowd here’s the shorthand on my first upholstered chair project: I have always wanted to learn to do basic upholstery projects so I bought this chair last year with good intentions and little free time: I liked… Continue Reading →

What the hell have we been up to?

Lots! But I never seem to spend time blogging about it. So let’s do a round up! Waaay back in February my cousin Randy came to visit and brought his sons Colton and Jack! They are great kids (and welcomed… Continue Reading →

Something happened! Kinda.

I bought our first fabric shower curtain! I feel like a grown-up. It has a complementary bath rug and even a few washcloths. I LOVE it. It has squirrels on it! Oh, and Sidney jumped on the counter in the… Continue Reading →

New Curtains!

This has been our dining room window view since we moved into our apartment nearly three years ago! We’re happy we don’t look in on our neighbor’s dining room (though their place must feel like a cave). So we picked… Continue Reading →

Bathroom Storage is Awesome

So we made our semi-annual Ikea trip. You may recall that we revamped our little kitchen with Ikea purchases and it was cheap and efficient! It was well past time to replace the plastic tubs I was using in the… Continue Reading →

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