So we made our semi-annual Ikea trip. You may recall that we revamped our little kitchen with Ikea purchases and it was cheap and efficient! It was well past time to replace the plastic tubs I was using in the bathroom with something more functional/attractive! These tubs held the towels, washcloths and hand towels and they were a hot mess.

And this fit the bill! It fit in the shallow space and is not a plastic tub. I love it! And it is walnut, which has a nice color to it.

My only problem is that we lost the bar where we kept hand towels. I should have thought that through because I’m sure Ikea has an easy solution. Oh, well, the hand towels are in the lower basket when you need one!

Sink Kitty approves of the new organization but is annoyed he will no longer be able to get fur all over the washcloths.

While at Ikea we picked up a new sheep rug for Sidney. This is a photo of him laying on it after Dale set it on the bed. Usually Sidney sleeps on his sheep rug while laying in his basket.

Also? Monty was sleepy and not amused by Dale’s photo shoot of Sidney and the sheep rug.