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Mr. Squirrel takes a nap

Mr. Squirrel pigged out on the porch and had to stop and rest for a spell.

An update! Finally!

Monty is obsessed with the Christmas tree. He stares at it longingly and likes to sit in the chair next to it. He spends a lot of time looking at it worriedly–but that’s because Monty has only two expressions: pensive… Continue Reading →

Mr. Squirrel is exhausted.

He had a lot of seeds! Ha! I love this little dude. I forgot to post this in September but had to share. More pics of our anniversary weekend will be coming…someday.

Anti-Squirrel Bird Feeder Failure

We bought a bird feeder to put on the back porch a few weeks ago. It is supposed to thwart squirrels and serve birds sunflower seeds. As everyone knows squirrels will not be thwarted. Came home this afternoon to find… Continue Reading →

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