Monty is obsessed with the Christmas tree. He stares at it longingly and likes to sit in the chair next to it. He spends a lot of time looking at it worriedly–but that’s because Monty has only two expressions: pensive and blank.

Monty, taking his place among the presents.

So Dale says he’s too busy to give me photos–and has been for months–so I guess from now on you’ll get photos of stuff I take pictures of (until you form an uprising). These photos will largely consist of blurry pictures of the cats doing things I think are cute, photos of our Christmas tree, photos of Monty in front of our Christmas tree and random images of half-finished crafts.

This blog is about to get a lot less fabulous is what I’m saying (or more fabulous if you’re into craft projects and blurry cat pics).

Also? I have a new laptop and it isn’t loaded with my sweet photo processing software. So the images will also be oddly sized and lacking color correction to offset the blurriness. So there’s that.

In other news…
Mr. Squirrel would like you to know that he still lives on the back porch and will gladly accept any packages that include sunflower seeds, preferable the black ones. They’re his favorite and he sort of eats a shocking number of them a week. He’s a little nervous that I won’t have time to go to the store to get more before we head back to Michigan for the holiday. He’s precariously low on seeds, people!