It’s a double update, people! I have scads of Christmas decorations, 99% of which were my moms. I’m thankful to have her decorations because she LOVED Christmas. Anyway, my favorite not-hand-painted decorations are these little Home Interiors Angels. The blond disappeared a few years ago and I scored a replacement on ebay last year. She’s a cutie! I adored them when I was a kid and still think they are super adorable. They’re in my dining room on a shelf.

On the opposite end of the long shelf are the Home Interiors elves that correspond to the angels. I always thought of them as belonging to the little angels as a kid. The yellow and red one went missing years ago and I just bought the replacement piece of ebay this year! I LOVE ebay!

The bulk of my Christmas decorations are knickknacks hand-painted by my mom! These two little scenes light up. They each feature a brunette girl hanging in a cozy living room–of course, girls were always painted with brunette hair because they all represented me. I come by my narcissism honestly.

Our fabulous Christmas tree! I love this tree to bits. I have a hilarious video of Dale cutting it down and he was embarrassed because the video pretty much consists of Dale shaking his butt as he cuts the tree down and then the tree tips over. It’s like Dale’s butt and the tree had a dance contest and Dale’s butt won!

An aerial view of my little Christmas village. My mom did an awesome job painting these! They are very cute and very detailed.

Our stockings are hung (not pictured) by our big speaker stands with care so that we could put some real swag on our mantle–and tape up all of our Christmas cards. Can you spot your kids? You probably can if you sent us a photo card.